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Image By Felix Russel-Saw Longing Golden rays of sun kiss his gorgeously tattooed skin. His lady love caressing his arm, holding her breath, waiting for his restlessness to abate. Wandering with wild abandon, letting his feet guide him to his next destination, he’s unable to forget her voice. Longing for her breath, her caress, her… Continue reading Longing

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Wind-Up Week 16: 100 Word Wednesday

100 Word Wednesday – Week 16!Image Credit: Bikurgurl’s Mother, SandraJune Week 16 Thanks for stopping by for Week 16 of 100 Word Wednesdays! I pulled this picture from my mother’s recent vacation to San Fransisco. I loved the color palette, the anchors on the building with the words ‘Welcome Home’, and it being on a… Continue reading Wind-Up Week 16: 100 Word Wednesday

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Crepuscular Hunter

Image Credit: Anjo Beckers Photography Crepuscular Hunter Ensnaring victims in honeydew words, he’s been spotted again with another woman. Softly sweeping her locks from her face, he smiled as he lowered his mouth to hers. Tongue parting her lips, his fingers caressed the nape of her neck as they searched each others mouths longingly. Fatal… Continue reading Crepuscular Hunter

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6 Word Story: I see myself in your eyes

Bikurgram Story

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Image Credit: Samantha Scholl Freedom I love horses. When I was a child, I loved horses. I drew horses, took riding lessons, wrote stories, and begged for horses. My love wasn’t just to have a horse, to ride a horse, but to be a horse. My father, loving me as he does, made my dreams… Continue reading Freedom

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100 Word Wednesday: Week 13

Week 13: 100 Word Wednesday! Image Credit: Bikurgurl Thank you for joining our awesome writing community who challenges themselves weekly as we weave together our 100 words! What 100 words would you give this image? Interested in joining us? Check out the guidelines below and ping back to be included in the Writing Wrap-up! Let… Continue reading 100 Word Wednesday: Week 13

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The Eye – 100 Word Wednesday

The Eye My view is narrowly being shut out by those imperial walls around me. While I grasp in frustration to the shreds of my own humanity, realization dawns like the rising sun. My time dwindles. From the moment I took my first breath, my dying had begun. As I rise to the challenge of… Continue reading The Eye – 100 Word Wednesday