Let’s Talk Turkey

Let’s talk Turkey! We not only talk about gratitude, traditions, and history, but also lies proliferated by the White Man and the impact these have on our existence. My young men have to understand the mistakes other white men have made and be empathetic to the struggles of all of us who are not born white males. My guys are pretty fabulous, but they’ll have … Continue reading Let’s Talk Turkey

Grace and Space through Celebrations

As the holiday season approaches, I am filled with satisfaction of our family rituals. Set in place through years of trials and triumphs, we honor the days, the holidays, the family-togetherness which we’ve come to expect in the everyday as well as the extraordinary. I am reminded of our search for minimalism in a very materialistic world when the fall season rolls in with the … Continue reading Grace and Space through Celebrations

Game Review: Dixit

Links to books below point to my Amazon Affiliate account – purchasing here costs you nothing, but provides a small referral fee I can use to buy more books! Feel free to frequent your local independent seller  – Thank you! Game: Dixit Game Time: 30 minutes Ease of Use: Easy Peasy {except Scoring. Scoring is a sore spot in this game which lowers the fun … Continue reading Game Review: Dixit

What are your traditions?

Today is the first day of Advent. As we begin to prepare for the commemoration of the birth of Jesus, what are your traditions? In our house, the weekend of Thanksgiving usually involves cleaning the gutters, hanging the Christmas lights, trimming the tree, addressing Christmas cards to family and friends. Not every year goes smoothly, but my goal is to have most of my gift-giving … Continue reading What are your traditions?

Giving Thanks Scrapbook

As we prepare for Thanksgiving, I want to share with you a fun tradition we started when we moved to the Pacific Northwest. When we moved away from family and friends, I wanted to capture our feelings of thanksgiving at thanksgiving! To make a scrapbook for your family, start with these easy supplies: Scrapbook* Stickers, Scrapbook paper, adornments Markers, colored pens or pencils, crayons acid-free … Continue reading Giving Thanks Scrapbook