Feed the Birds: Seagulls

We love the seagulls! As transplants to Seattle, we quickly found one of our favorite spots was on the Seattle waterfront. At a restaurant called Ivars, where feeding the seagulls has been encouraged for as long as the place has been in business. Out of town guests love the novelty of the experience year-round. While I never otherwise suggest feeding wild animals, particularly birds who … Continue reading Feed the Birds: Seagulls

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Image by Bikurgurl So this happened this weekend – Solo: A Star Wars Story! We love going to AMC Theatres for premiers! With online reservable seats, even new movies can be planned for and seen at the matinee rate! Although a lot of the movie was dark with bright flashes of light — literally, not figuratively — it was an entertaining story. The thing with … Continue reading Solo: A Star Wars Story

LOVED IT: Star Wars, The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rated: PG-13 Opened: December 15, 2017 My Rating: 10/10 So many parallels on the issues we are dealing with currently in our society, this movie has all the bells and whistles, the twists and turns in plot and suspense that kept me on the edge of my seat. We get to know the true power of The Force, why Luke … Continue reading LOVED IT: Star Wars, The Last Jedi

Star Wars The Last Jedi: How are you preparing?

The Death Star   If you hadn’t noticed from my Instagram feed, my boys and I are Lego Maniacs. Although we love several of the series of bricks, one of our enduring favorite is Lego Star Wars! We own all the movies and have been watching them for years. Recreating scenes, making new scenes, trying out different scenarios is what my boys do! Storm Troopers … Continue reading Star Wars The Last Jedi: How are you preparing?

Need a Star Wars Fan Gift for a homeschooler?

With our ever growing excitement of the Star Wars saga reemerging on the big screen, it’s hard not to see all the corporate tie-ins. While commercialism is ever-present in our society, we do try to limit it within our home (*a great blog to get you started on this is over at Becoming Minimalist) However, when I saw these T-shirts, I couldn’t help but to … Continue reading Need a Star Wars Fan Gift for a homeschooler?