Love your pets, but can’t take them on your travels? Here’s an option:

{I am in no way affiliated with – but wanted to pass along my new found tip and $20 coupon to you!} Gearing up for some epic summer fun, we know that boarding our dogs in our vet’s kennels isn’t necessarily great for extended stays. Our dogs thrive with the company of humans, and each other, though having space to get out and about … Continue reading Love your pets, but can’t take them on your travels? Here’s an option:

Please keep your pets inside ❤️

Bikurgurl 2017, Our Rescue Dogs Winter Safety Tip: Keep your inside pets inside! This is a seemingly totally random thought, but I was reading an emailed summary of thoughts from a blogger I follow. In this summary, this homeschool blogger had a list of items she suggested if readers were having problems with illness this winter. Generally in advice columns like this, I scan the … Continue reading Please keep your pets inside ❤️

100 Word Wednesday: Those PUPS

Those PUPS You snooze in the sun, shed through the house, forever forgetting to wipe your feet. Your happy tail wags, your cold nose investigates – bellowing barks alerting and communicating to us your thoughts. Always eager for a walk or a pet. Playing fetch with a bone, ball, or toy: you bring us so much happiness. We can’t imagine why anyone would not welcome you … Continue reading 100 Word Wednesday: Those PUPS

What Worked for me in 2015 @ Bikurgurl

{affiliate links – thank you for supporting my voracious book-reading, planner supply, travel budget — at no extra cost to you — Thank you!} I am so inspired by the wealth of strong, female writers and simply adore Modern Mrs. Darcy, who is inspirational with her pithy posts and fun lists of what she’s learned. So today, I thought I’d also answer the question: What … Continue reading What Worked for me in 2015 @ Bikurgurl

Give a Dog a Bone…or a Home?

  Normally, I wouldn’t suggest anyone get a dog this time of year. Period. At this time of year, many of us are so busy with our lives, commitments, children, traditions — we simply don’t have the time or energy to give a new pet what he (or she!) needs to feel safe, secure, and loved at such a busy time of year. But what … Continue reading Give a Dog a Bone…or a Home?

Our Rescue Dog!

Why rescue a pet? Why did we choose rescue animals? When we were considering adding a new family member, a dog, to our family, we knew we would choose a rescue dog. Millions of dogs, cats, and other animals are abandoned or without homes world-wide. In our community, we are fortunate to have many local organizations to assist animals in finding “Forever” homes. We looked … Continue reading Our Rescue Dog!