Though I Walk Through the Valley

I love this image, but it evokes for me not my own words, but the words from Psalms most associated with death as this passage is oft quoted at funerals and remembrance services. The peace that floods my heart with these words is the same peace I feel with this image…. Psalm 23: 1-6 ‘The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh … Continue reading Though I Walk Through the Valley

Humans Supporting Humans

  I’m an ardent advocate of supporting each other, heartily encouraging women to support women, humans supporting humans. Grace and space In this world, how do we go from being victims to being empowered? How do we make the world a better place? We become the change. We take the advice of Gandhi, who led nonviolent civil disobedience, and, “Be the change you wish to … Continue reading Humans Supporting Humans

Goals? Be Kind

  Goals? Be kind ‘Be the change you’d like to see in the world’ – Ghandi Written for: Week 4 – Reena’s Exploration How to participate? Reena says: The piece you write can be prose, fiction, a form of poetry that you are comfortable with, or any other experimental format that you devise. There is no restriction on the length either, except that the whole … Continue reading Goals? Be Kind

“Hate cannot drive out Hate: only love can do that,” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I am reluctant to post this. We all have opinions based on morals, motivations, and our own influences. However, smugness, fear, contentment, and unrest fight to coexist in our current political environment. While I do believe the office is bigger than the man, I cannot deny my own trepidation. The highly publicized fear of my fellow countrymen mixed with others who feel vindicated and satisfied … Continue reading “Hate cannot drive out Hate: only love can do that,” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Top 10 Sarcastic Quotes, January 2016 ed.

AnaSpoke mentioned {via Twitter!} it was too bad that after the Top Ten Great Quotes there wasn’t a Top 10 sarcastic quotes. Challenge Accepted! {Links provided for books if you’d rather skip the library and have them delivered to your door via Amazon — thanks for supporting my writing by clicking through!} I thought that this would be just a quick recall exercise of sarcastic quotes … Continue reading Top 10 Sarcastic Quotes, January 2016 ed.