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Planning for Squash…

My ever-gardening-creative-aunt sent me a link to Gardening with squash - on a trellis! This I had to see! I did do *something* like this last summer. I had some of my pumpkins planted too close to the six-foot privacy fence enclosing my backyard. I wanted to have more room for my plants to grow… Continue reading Planning for Squash…

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Great Breaks: Vacation, February 2016

Great Breaks: Vacation, February 2016 Vacation looks good on me! If you were wondering why I had a break in posts last week, in a word: Vacation. I had posts lined up to finish on vacation, I did. I even set one up to auto-post on Wednesday {the 100 Word Wednesday post}, but apparently I expected the High Speed Internet… Continue reading Great Breaks: Vacation, February 2016

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The Long Road of Homeschooling {otherwise known as Education} {FNF}

The Long Road of Homeschooling {otherwise known as Education} {FNF} This time of year can be difficult for many people. With the low light levels in the Northern Hemisphere, some people have seasonal disorders, get disgruntled with routine, or want to just curl up and read {or is that just me?}. It's no different for… Continue reading The Long Road of Homeschooling {otherwise known as Education} {FNF}

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2016: The-Year-Of-Quality

The last few years, my husband and I have tried to look at the upcoming year and have a theme. I thought we weren't 'theme-people'. Actually, themed birthday parties, Halloween Parties, Cookie Parties. Well, maybe we do like a good theme  to communicate our idea; set expectations. When thinking about the multitude of decisions and… Continue reading 2016: The-Year-Of-Quality

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Welcome 2016 — and the dreaded technology issues!

You remember this scene from Office Space, right? Printer from hell. {You haven't seen Office Space? You MUST take time to watch it!!} Yes, I feel that way about my laptop. I love it when it works; I want to destroy it when it doesn't. The frustration level when expectations are not met. I've missed… Continue reading Welcome 2016 — and the dreaded technology issues!

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{Ramblings On} 2016–Let’s Get to the Heart of the Matter

Image Credit: Jenny Penton, Planner PerfectSource: 2016--Let's Get to the Heart of the Matter So excited to share another post with you -- so many great bloggers!! This one is from one of my favorite bloggers, Jenny Penton, at Planner Perfect! She creates beautiful planners and has a wonderful e-book to help get your priorities organized… Continue reading {Ramblings On} 2016–Let’s Get to the Heart of the Matter

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{Ramblings On} Homeschool resolutions

Inspiration: Homeschool resolutions by Kara Anderson at Quill and Camera - Yay! I love this post and love to re-read it every. stinking. year. As I clear the clutter, abandoned books and *teaching* materials from our office, I realize that I've also built in an actual break. A break from school, teaching, worrying about schooling and teaching… Continue reading {Ramblings On} Homeschool resolutions