Comfort can take many forms, be in what makes you comfortable {my gown and comfy robe} and what is comforting {nature, writing, drawing, coffee, tea, cookies, my boys, homeschooling, family, home}. Nothing helps me through my days like my faith in God. Through Him, all things are possible. Though just having faith that there’s something bigger than myself, than my life, is such a comfort. … Continue reading Comfort

Urban Woods

Urban Woods Our urban oasis is filled with many plants, native and ornamental, to give layers of color and texture to our tiny plot. Having surprises around every corner, many areas when leafed out, belies our city plot with only peek-a-boo views of the mountains beyond. Living for nature, loving our wooded lot, and learning how we can continue to improve our little corner of … Continue reading Urban Woods

Lugubrious – 100 Word Wednesday

Lugubrious Pastoral scenes reside in our collective imagination. We are not safe under cover of dappled light, shaded forest. We walk, my daughter and I, through the land of my youth. She knows not her danger, ill aware of her surroundings. Beauty belies the wolves soon to surround us, engulf us in their steely gaze. These wolves, be it beast or human, care not for … Continue reading Lugubrious – 100 Word Wednesday