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100 Word Wednesday: Week 32

Image credit: Bikurgurl, 2017 Thank you for joining our awesome writing community who challenges themselves weekly as we weave together our 100 words! What 100 words would you give this image? Interested in joining us? Check out the guidelines below and ping back to be included in the Writing Wind-up! Let the writing begin! How… Continue reading 100 Word Wednesday: Week 32

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NaNoWriMo 2016: Do You NaNoWriMo?

November 1. Every year we gear up for it. We print our booklets, we dream about the stories we want to write, then November 1 – we get started! This is a challenge really of all ages. If you can communicate, you can participate! When my children were younger, I’d simply type the stories they… Continue reading NaNoWriMo 2016: Do You NaNoWriMo?

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Do You NaNoWrimo? 2016 Edition

Do you dream about hitting your writing goals every fall — starting the day after Halloween — and prepare, plan, and give yourself the grace and space to get it done? Is it just me? I may not get all the writing in I want throughout the year, but I do plan for and savor… Continue reading Do You NaNoWrimo? 2016 Edition

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Unschooly {Academy} Planning 101: Part I

Hello! Welcome to a quick guide to my annual Homeschool {Academy} Planning 101! Thank you for joining me on my adventure 🙂 Every year, our homeschool planning goes through the same motions. Here’s a quick tutorial of how I prepare to plan for a new Year of Learning! First,think about how you’re #winning at life… Continue reading Unschooly {Academy} Planning 101: Part I

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Reading, Writing, Resting, and Saving My Life Right Now {May 2016}

Holy Cow – what fun it’s been to catch up on all the reading. I’m too far behind in many of your blog posts to ever catch up, so I’ll just have to claim Blog Bankruptcy, beg for forgiveness, and move forward. Thank you!   So I’m reading. A lot. I’m re-reading the fabulous book… Continue reading Reading, Writing, Resting, and Saving My Life Right Now {May 2016}

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A ‘Novel’ Writing Class – A Day in the Life!

Hello! Many of you have noticed {I HOPE you’ve missed me!} that I’ve been absent in the past few weeks. I’m teaching a writing class to young adults entitled: A ‘Novel’ Writing Class In this class, we use the NaNoWriMo model of writing in a month to accomplish for ourselves the satisfaction and success Novel… Continue reading A ‘Novel’ Writing Class – A Day in the Life!

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April 2016: Writing

April 2016: NaNoWriMo Camp April 2016: I’m writing. I’m teaching writing. I’m reading. I’m outside. I’m gardening. I’m painting. I’m living. What does your April entail?