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100 Word Wednesday: Week 34

Don Naman Photography 2017 Thank you for joining our awesome writing community who challenges themselves weekly as we weave together our 100 words! What 100 words would you give this image? Interested in joining us? Check out the guidelines below and ping back to be included in the Writing Wind-up! Let the writing begin! How… Continue reading 100 Word Wednesday: Week 34

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Too Late

  Too Late A cool breeze from the lake chilled me to the bone. I hadn’t been down to the docks in ages. “Creeps me out,” I murmured. A low rumble began in Bear’s throat. He’d been trotting happily beside me but now stood stock still, legs braced, hackles up with hair standing on end.… Continue reading Too Late

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Ethereal Affliction

This challenge: hosted by Sonya – @ Only 100 Words –  The idea? Only 3 lines on the image! image by Joel Filipe Ethereal Affliction Clouds of arms within my reach, encircling me Tantalizing tendrils, mesmerizing  luminaries of loveliness, drawing me in Slipping deeper, enveloped by darkness, into your abyss ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I linked up — why not… Continue reading Ethereal Affliction

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This challenge: hosted by Sonya – @ Only 100 Words –  The idea? Only 3 lines on the image! photo by Paulette Wooten Swoon Hearts Melting Hips Swaying I’m Swooning   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I linked up — why not take a whirl, it could be fun for you too! From Sonya, Week 67 Three Line Tales, Guidelines: “Check… Continue reading Swoon

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February 2017: Books we’re Reading

While we’re voracious readers, these are literally what we’re reading today! Affiliate Post – thank you for clicking through to help me keep my blog ad-free As with many things in life, I have many things left undone. I have big aspirations, huge expectations of myself, and yet many of these seemingly easy and rhythmic… Continue reading February 2017: Books we’re Reading

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Three Line Tales: Beyond

This challenge is hosted by Sonya – @ Only 100 Words –  The idea? 3 lines about the picture, no matter how long or short, but only three lines! Image Credit: Sean Tan Beyond Mesmerized by your touch Gliding through still water You leave me to my fate as you’ve left so many others ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I linked… Continue reading Three Line Tales: Beyond

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2017: The Year of CLean

Each year my husband and I begin the year with a new goal. 2015 was The Year of Less 2016 was The Year of Quality We discuss what we’ll be tackling in the coming year, upcoming events, goals, and challenges. Our desires waver from just making it through to ambitious years, like this past one,… Continue reading 2017: The Year of CLean