Dishes Don’t Matter

Image Credit:  Brooke Lark “Don’t worry, leave the dishes. I want to show you something.” “Oh, it won’t take a minute – let me just get these in the water,” “But mom, I was hoping we could look at these pictures together.” “Why don’t you guys go on ahead and go. You’ve got so many things to do! I’m going to get back in the … Continue reading Dishes Don’t Matter

Homeschooling Moms Night Out

Another case of finding my voice. When I talk to a group of people, I feed off their energy or get them going. In a group of people, I have no problem with casual chatting and conversation. It’s safety in numbers, so to speak. I don’t have to be true, or vulnerable, to any one person. I don’t have to worry about keeping up a … Continue reading Homeschooling Moms Night Out