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Unschooly {Academy} Planning 101: Part I

Hello! Welcome to a quick guide to my annual Homeschool {Academy} Planning 101! Thank you for joining me on my adventure 🙂 Every year, our homeschool planning goes through the same motions. Here's a quick tutorial of how I prepare to plan for a new Year of Learning! First,think about how you're #winning at life… Continue reading Unschooly {Academy} Planning 101: Part I

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Golly! I’ve been Gardening and Living IRL!

Warning! Garden Love follows 🙂 The weather in the Pacific Northwest is uncommonly warm. No hot! I've been busy planting seeds, amending garden beds, staking flowers, mulching, pulling weeds... And I love it! My husband and I were surprised when we moved to the Pacific Northwest and yards are not measured in acres (or fractions… Continue reading Golly! I’ve been Gardening and Living IRL!

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#EpicFailure is actually #EpicSuccess

My blog, and other computer-life activities, haven't been working in sync with me. How I underestimated the power of hardware to ruin my computer-sanity.   You see, I am not a super-tech-savvy person. First, it's not where my interest lies. Second, like a car, I want to just give it fuel and have it run… Continue reading #EpicFailure is actually #EpicSuccess

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Be THE Change!

YES! Mahatma Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world."  And on our good days, we do this. As human beings, we have our own point of view, our own perspective. Our experiences, preferences, lives lead us to choices we make with our resources. Resources immediately make me think of our… Continue reading Be THE Change!

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Living Lightly: A Primer

I'm not a purist. I'm not perfect -- beware of anyone who says they are! But I like to think that I'd leave the world better than I found it, thus: Living Lightly . When we have less, harm less, we have more to give. I try only not to judge others; particularly, not myself. We're going to make questionable… Continue reading Living Lightly: A Primer

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Welcome 2016 — and the dreaded technology issues!

You remember this scene from Office Space, right? Printer from hell. {You haven't seen Office Space? You MUST take time to watch it!!} Yes, I feel that way about my laptop. I love it when it works; I want to destroy it when it doesn't. The frustration level when expectations are not met. I've missed… Continue reading Welcome 2016 — and the dreaded technology issues!

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{Ramblings On} 2016–Let’s Get to the Heart of the Matter

Image Credit: Jenny Penton, Planner PerfectSource: 2016--Let's Get to the Heart of the Matter So excited to share another post with you -- so many great bloggers!! This one is from one of my favorite bloggers, Jenny Penton, at Planner Perfect! She creates beautiful planners and has a wonderful e-book to help get your priorities organized… Continue reading {Ramblings On} 2016–Let’s Get to the Heart of the Matter