Fat Tuesday 2020

It’s Fat Tuesday! In the Christian religion, it’s the last day before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. I didn’t grow up observing this tradition, but have found as a mother, it’s one I’ve enjoyed sharing with my children. We enjoy a decadent dinner of pancakes – or this year, pizza – and revelry! Does watching ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ count? ☠️🖤☠️ Preparing for Lent, making … Continue reading Fat Tuesday 2020

Add something in

Lent . . . beginning tomorrow . . . Lent begins tomorrow and is the time when Christians pray, fast, and reflect in preparation for Easter. The Christians observance of self-reflection, and oftentimes fasting, during Lent is something I’d never done. I mean, I’d heard of it, understood that Catholics ate Fish on Fridays, but didn’t really understand the emphasis on the fasting part. You … Continue reading Add something in

Lent 2017: Day 2, You are a Treasure

You are Worthy. Photo by Tim Mossholder On this second day of Lent, I’m focusing my time with God with indulging more in activities I love. At first, I thought I’d chose one activity and make it the daily ritual during Lent. I soon realized my love for variety really lends itself to having a more general focus and less of a specialized one. For … Continue reading Lent 2017: Day 2, You are a Treasure

Palm Sunday, No ‘Possum

Blessed Palm Sunday to you and yes, the ‘possum didn’t return today. At least, not during the day…   Yesterday: ‘possum. Today: Palm Sunday. A week of praise ahead as we relive the Passion of Christ. We recite weekly in our church: Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again. As we begin Holy Week this Palm Sunday, with Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, … Continue reading Palm Sunday, No ‘Possum

Ash Wednesday: What a difference a year makes…

Ash Wednesday…in preparation for… I grew up in the Southern Baptist Church. As such, we did not observe Ash Wednesday. I think I probably had heard about it — in passing — but as a freshman in college, I didn’t really know what it was, what it meant, and certainly nothing about the dark cross of ashes on peoples’ foreheads. My first encounter with Ash … Continue reading Ash Wednesday: What a difference a year makes…