Green Elephant Autumn Bounty

  Gardening with a Green Elephant community is such a wonderful way to increase the diversity in your garden. I’ve been participating for a few years and have not only been able to add more native plants to my landscape, but build relationships with other gardeners as I build my garden.   The autumn harvest is a good time to bring excess garden vegetables, seeds, … Continue reading Green Elephant Autumn Bounty

Insects (not true bugs!) πŸπŸ¦‹

​I’ve not had my phone with me while pruning in my garden and seen true bugs β€” though I have plenty of images of the butterflies and bees buzzing in my garden πŸ™‚ True Bugs are in the Hemiptera Order and includes cicada, stink bugs, aphids, {et al}. Insects, not true bugs, like bees, Hymenoptera Order, and butterflies, Lepidoptera Order, abound in my pollinator garden. … Continue reading Insects (not true bugs!) πŸπŸ¦‹

Transformation of our yard, 2017

This is what we started with — a monoculture of of grass. For many in this suburban community, the epitome of suburban bliss. For me? An eyesore. So, it began… Oh what changes the front yard has made! This was after the first summer when I dug up the turf grass adjacent to all the hardscape in the front yard. I used my yard transformation … Continue reading Transformation of our yard, 2017

Green Elephant Gardening

Gardening is a passion of mine – not only because it’s wonderful to be outside, work the earth with your hands, reap the benefits of a beautiful organic garden for edibles and simple beauty. I also garden for wildlife and creating a restorative habitat on my little lot of land – pollinators, birds, amphibians, and mammals frequenting our yard – but also my own sort … Continue reading Green Elephant Gardening

The Oregon Grape

With planting instructions close at hand, I now just need to dream of the harvest to come! I’m thankful for being offered the gift of plants in this autumn season. I’ve long been wanting to add grapes to my urban landscape, for not only the wildlife, but for our own enjoyment! I’m loving this little blog post on the eating (and jelly-ing!) of the Oregon … Continue reading The Oregon Grape

Volunteers in the Driveway

It’s difficult to be disappointed with Volunteer Plants in the driveway! I’d love to tell you that I’ve got a juicy, lengthy, or poignant blog post, but no. In the Pacific NW, we’ve been experiencing 80 degree temps, sunny skies, gardening and mowing to be done. And the writing…yes! Writing to be done…and “miles to go before I sleep”{partial quote, Robert Frost}. So light blog … Continue reading Volunteers in the Driveway