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In my garden, June 2017

​​​ ​​ ​​Bunny disarmed by Robin Hairy Woodpeckers ​ Mmmmmmm……Organic Strawberries from the vine! More Daylillies Echinacea (Purple Headed Coneflower) What’s growing in your garden?

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Snails Life


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In My Garden, May 2017

I shared these on my Instagram feed I, tounge-in-cheek call Bikurgram, and thought you may be interested too! How does Your Garden Grow?

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Spring 2017 Gardening

Please be patient as I work my garden. In my garden… Boys wander, read, dig, snack, and Play Dogs sniff and explore Friends are welcome Off-cast plants are welcome too Slugs are strongly discouraged {as are rabbits and deer} We welcome the return of our pollinators We give thanks to God for rebirth Spring has… Continue reading Spring 2017 Gardening

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The Oregon Grape

Originally posted on A Gardener's Table:
Wild Fruit for a Tart and Tasty Jelly In the woods one day, my friend Jocelyn saw me eat an Oregon grape, tried one herself, and screamed. I was unfazed; just after my daughter, not yet two years old, had eaten her first Oregon grape, she had pantomimed…

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Volunteers in the Driveway

It’s difficult to be disappointed with Volunteer Plants in the driveway! I’d love to tell you that I’ve got a juicy, lengthy, or poignant blog post, but no. In the Pacific NW, we’ve been experiencing 80 degree temps, sunny skies, gardening and mowing to be done. And the writing…yes! Writing to be done…and “miles to… Continue reading Volunteers in the Driveway

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“I weed, they grow. If not, to compost they go!” Growing….In response to Stephanie at So Many Stories 🙂 Thanks for all the inspiration!