Free Books Today {& Not just for the Homeschool Curious!}

{Affiliate links in text – thanks for supporting my blog!} Hello from my Happy Eclectic Homeschool! As I’ve been reflecting on my first mama-only homeschool conference in Portland, I feel empowered to share with my readers more of my own homeschooling experience. We’ve been doing this, essentially, since my boys were born, but with almost a decade of experience under my belt, I feel like … Continue reading Free Books Today {& Not just for the Homeschool Curious!}

February 2017: Books we’re Reading

While we’re voracious readers, these are literally what we’re reading today! Affiliate Post – thank you for clicking through to help me keep my blog ad-free As with many things in life, I have many things left undone. I have big aspirations, huge expectations of myself, and yet many of these seemingly easy and rhythmic tasks are often sidelined by the events of the day, … Continue reading February 2017: Books we’re Reading

Three Line Tales: Eclectic Unschooling

This challenge is hosted by Sonya – @ Only 100 Words –  The idea? 3 lines about the picture, no matter how long or short, but only three lines! Eclectic Unschooling Stormtroopers come into view, wielding weapons like painters do My boys and their Lego Minifigs show their write, authoring tales to my delight Building stories; creating worlds; learning cooperation, dialouge, storylines, backstories…too much to say, as … Continue reading Three Line Tales: Eclectic Unschooling

NBTS 2016

View this post on Instagram Okay, the troops are rousing…my #pintrestworthy #firstdayofschool #NBTS #NotBackToSchool #homeschool #unschoolinglife #homeschoollife #life #family #familyfirst A post shared by Kelly Bikurgurl (@bikurgurl) on Sep 6, 2016 at 10:32am PDT It’s Not-Back-To-School {NBTS} Day in our neighborhood. We usually go and get doughnuts to celebrate, but today I’m without my car {it’s in the shop}, having concrete poured, and going to … Continue reading NBTS 2016