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February 2017: Books we’re Reading

While we’re voracious readers, these are literally what we’re reading today! Affiliate Post – thank you for clicking through to help me keep my blog ad-free As with many things in life, I have many things left undone. I have big aspirations, huge expectations of myself, and yet many of these seemingly easy and rhythmic… Continue reading February 2017: Books we’re Reading

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Three Line Tales: Eclectic Unschooling

This challenge is hosted by Sonya – @ Only 100 Words –  The idea? 3 lines about the picture, no matter how long or short, but only three lines! Eclectic Unschooling Stormtroopers come into view, wielding weapons like painters do My boys and their Lego Minifigs show their write, authoring tales to my delight Building stories; creating… Continue reading Three Line Tales: Eclectic Unschooling

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Homeschooling, Pokemon Go, and Sunny November Mornings

So I’ve just downloaded the WordPress App from the iPhone App store. Oh my goodness, is this going to make blogging much easier! Let’s see how this goes and how steep my learning curve is! My husband left for work this morning and decided to battle a Pokémon Go! Gym, with one boy overnighting at a… Continue reading Homeschooling, Pokemon Go, and Sunny November Mornings

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Part I: Village Tour, Camlann Medieval Village

This is Part I in a two part series of our two trips to Camlann Medieval Village. {Part II is here}. This living history museum is set in a village in the South of England in the year 1376. While experiencing the village, the interpreters stay in character wearing similar garb and using Middle English… Continue reading Part I: Village Tour, Camlann Medieval Village

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Unschooly {Academy} Planning 101: Part I

Hello! Welcome to a quick guide to my annual Homeschool {Academy} Planning 101! Thank you for joining me on my adventure 🙂 Every year, our homeschool planning goes through the same motions. Here’s a quick tutorial of how I prepare to plan for a new Year of Learning! First,think about how you’re #winning at life… Continue reading Unschooly {Academy} Planning 101: Part I

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State Study: Alaska

We enjoy learning together. One subject we’ve looped back to over and over are state studies. When my children were younger, we would sing the States songs, color flags, dream of National Parks to visit. With dreams of cross-country trips to visit all the National Parks, and eventually all the states, we’re embarking on our… Continue reading State Study: Alaska

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Homeschooling with File Folder Games

Today, as we stumbled across our file box of File Folder Games, it reminded us of happy days playing them. However, my children haven’t used these in years. In part, because I never finished putting the games together; in part, because they are no longer the way we need to learn – we’ve moved past… Continue reading Homeschooling with File Folder Games