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The Plan {Friday Fictioneers}

My first stab at Friday Fictioneers, I couldn't pass up the gorgeous image provided as prompt! The Plan It was laid out before me, literally in black and white. I had not expected such skillful illustration from the child I knew, who now stood before me a man. "Please don't be angry," he began, "but… Continue reading The Plan {Friday Fictioneers}

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The Dance {FFfAW – 61st Challenge}

For complete challenge guidelines, see the link below 🙂 The Dance They had been here before, nothing new, but it was different this time. In the air, not the adolescent excitement of being close to a new love. No. This time, they appreciated all the blood, sweat, and tears that came from having a lifelong… Continue reading The Dance {FFfAW – 61st Challenge}

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The Door {FFfAW – 60th Challenge}

For complete challenge guidelines, see the 60th week challenge link below 🙂 The Door I began to walk to the door. This was the door to change my life. My mother told me the answers were all behind the door. I couldn't possibly believe all the answers were in one place, one time, one person.… Continue reading The Door {FFfAW – 60th Challenge}

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Images {FFfAW – Week of 3-22-2016}

For complete challenge guidelines, see below -- as guidelines have been updated 🙂 This week's photo prompt is provided by Uday, with the blog, Udayology.   Images I wait for the images to develop. We began this adventure over 10 years ago. To a foreign country, where we could immerse ourselves in the culture and… Continue reading Images {FFfAW – Week of 3-22-2016}

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Three Line Tales: The Space Between

This is a new feature of Sonya – @ Only 100 Words – is a writer I thoroughly enjoy following! The idea? 3 lines about the picture, no matter how long or short, but only three lines! I linked up — why not take a whirl, it could be fun for you too! {Note: Sonya’s updated tag request… Continue reading Three Line Tales: The Space Between

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Gone {FF}

FLASH FICTION FOR THE PURPOSEFUL PRACTITIONER: WEEK #11 – 2016 Gone Gone is the summer, the crowds, the trash Gone are the cheers, the jeers, the love Gone is the snow, the cold, the chill Gone is another season of quiet serenity ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you for reading this, my first Flash Fiction, submission! I’m super pumped… Continue reading Gone {FF}

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Almost There… {FFfAW-Week of 03-08-2016}

Weekly Flash Fiction challenge - details follow 🙂 Photo Prompt: © The Storyteller’s Abode Almost There... Steps to climb, my goal reached. Pausing, I discover: I do not want the journey to end. This is this just the beginning. Following the steps of so many others, I continue down the path into territory I've yet… Continue reading Almost There… {FFfAW-Week of 03-08-2016}