Gator Pond {FFfPP}

Thanks Roger for offering Week #23 prompts for Practiced Practitioner! Gator Pond Gathered round the water before starting off for home, the chatter begins. “Good night hunting for you?” “Rocked any boats lately?” As with every evening, we enjoy talking about the delicacies of our meals. The tourists are especially tasty. With their selfies, turning their backs on us is ample opportunity for a quick … Continue reading Gator Pond {FFfPP}

Chopsticks {FFfPP}

Thanks Roger for offering Week #21 prompts for Practiced Practitioner! Chopsticks Sta-mi-na Strug-gl-ing, This is so bor-or-ing, Hope-ful-ly I’ll be done soon… Be-cause I Want to go play and be out-doors to-day in-stead of just playing this tune! Do you know the little tune? Read the words per syllable with the music below. And, for the record, it isn’t the music presented in the image, but … Continue reading Chopsticks {FFfPP}

707 {FFfPP}

Thanks Roger for offering Week #18 prompts for Practiced Practitioner! Image Credit 707 “Are you ready?”the young woman called from behind. “Ready,”he squeaked as he held on. Tightly. Although he’d dreamed of this for years, he still wasn’t ready for the flood of emotions filling his heart and mind. It brought it all back. The men, the birds, the war…it was all coming back. As the … Continue reading 707 {FFfPP}

Meerkat Manners {FFfPP}

Thanks Roger for offering Week 15 prompts for Practiced Practitioner!   Meerkat Manners Lifting their noses to the sky, the Meerkats begin. The day is young. Light breaks across the Savannah. Sentry on duty. Snakes lie in wait. Meerkats, ever alert, hear life waking. Delicacies imbibe. *BTW: If you haven’t watched Meerkat Manor, it’s addictive! We watched it several years ago and has inspired our … Continue reading Meerkat Manners {FFfPP}