Sunflowers {FFfAW – 68th Challenge}

For complete challenge guidelines, see the link below Sunflowers While the scarecrow watches over fields, it’s the sunflowers, in their beauty, who keep a lovely, beautiful, vigil o’re the field, the farm, the family Here’s an image I Instagrammed yesterday of a sunflower…swoon! Of course those sunflowers from last summer….wooooo! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting the 71st week at Flash Fiction for Aspiring … Continue reading Sunflowers {FFfAW – 68th Challenge}

The Pier {FFfAW – 68th Challenge}

For complete challenge guidelines, see the link below 🙂  The Pier I kept waiting for you. Thinking you’d return to that very bench we once shared. Silly, I know, but I believed if I waited, wanted, wished, prayed – you would come home to me. Your smile would make me whole, your love would fill my heart, your arms would encircle me, your passion would … Continue reading The Pier {FFfAW – 68th Challenge}

Field Trip {FFfAW – 67th Challenge}

For complete challenge guidelines, see the link below 🙂 Field Trip The buses were noisy. Classmates were fidgety, whispering, stealing looks at friends or crushes, enjoying the day away from classes. As the day continued, room after stuffy room, chatter increased as patience decreased. Suddenly, the group stood quietly solemn as their tour guide led them to the rotunda. Veterans in uniform gathered, saluting Old … Continue reading Field Trip {FFfAW – 67th Challenge}

Date Night {FFfAW – 63rd Challenge}

For complete challenge guidelines, see the link below 🙂 Date Night Long awaited, an evening with my handsome husband, and it’s for a charity dinner. We’re happy to go, support causes that speak to our hearts. You’d think with the dimmed lights, the delectable smells, the soft jazz music playing, we’d be more affectionate. Playful. Loving. However, this isn’t the time or the place. The … Continue reading Date Night {FFfAW – 63rd Challenge}

Home {FFfAW – 62nd Challenge}

For complete challenge guidelines, see the link below 🙂 Home It has been too long since I have returned. I didn’t mean to be gone so long, but the days are long – even if the years are short. I know you wait. Patiently. Longingly. As I go about my days, weeks, months, and years – you stand there, nearly unchanging, for my return. I … Continue reading Home {FFfAW – 62nd Challenge}

The Dance {FFfAW – 61st Challenge}

For complete challenge guidelines, see the link below 🙂 The Dance They had been here before, nothing new, but it was different this time. In the air, not the adolescent excitement of being close to a new love. No. This time, they appreciated all the blood, sweat, and tears that came from having a lifelong partnership. A marriage which survived births, deaths, and many fights … Continue reading The Dance {FFfAW – 61st Challenge}

The Door {FFfAW – 60th Challenge}

For complete challenge guidelines, see the 60th week challenge link below 🙂 The Door I began to walk to the door. This was the door to change my life. My mother told me the answers were all behind the door. I couldn’t possibly believe all the answers were in one place, one time, one person. Yet here I am. Looking at the door, contemplating what … Continue reading The Door {FFfAW – 60th Challenge}

Images {FFfAW – Week of 3-22-2016}

For complete challenge guidelines, see below — as guidelines have been updated 🙂 This week’s photo prompt is provided by Uday, with the blog, Udayology.   Images I wait for the images to develop. We began this adventure over 10 years ago. To a foreign country, where we could immerse ourselves in the culture and day-to-day life, was a summer indulgence. Once we enjoyed the … Continue reading Images {FFfAW – Week of 3-22-2016}

Thank You {FFfAW-Week of 03-15-2016}

Thank you to all our men and women in uniform who serve our country. Thank you. – Kelly Flash Fiction challenge – details below: Thank you for the image, Thank you Together we’ve survived another shift, another day, another insurgency. Sometimes I feel all alone; you are there to comfort me. As we maneuver through our days, we avoid certain death. Yet, here you … Continue reading Thank You {FFfAW-Week of 03-15-2016}