Add something in

Lent . . . beginning tomorrow . . . Lent begins tomorrow and is the time when Christians pray, fast, and reflect in preparation for Easter. The Christians observance of self-reflection, and oftentimes fasting, during Lent is something I’d never done. I mean, I’d heard of it, understood that Catholics ate Fish on Fridays, but didn’t really understand the emphasis on the fasting part. You … Continue reading Add something in

Wind-Up Week 8: 100 Word Wednesday

Week 8 Thanks for stopping by for Week 8 of 100 Word Wednesdays! Seeing this image reminds me of my own hometown of Detroit, as well as through the south and Midwest. Older towns without younger generations behind them tend to wither and blow away. This image captured so much of that: Goody’s, Kodak, billboards, power lines. All reminders of a bygone era. I noticed, … Continue reading Wind-Up Week 8: 100 Word Wednesday

The Clearing

The Clearing A light is seen in the darkness. Traveling slowly, punctiliously, upon the forest floor, through the decomposing bodies of looming giants above, my body trembled with fear and anticipation of what lay ahead. Emerging from the dark, foreboding forest, a light is seen in the distance. Creeping cautiously, a clearing is spied. The warmth of light permeating the trees and fresh air from … Continue reading The Clearing