Happy Easter 2019!

Eggvengers: Egg-game! The ladies of Marvel as told in eggs – our big egg decorating party for Easter! I chose to paint/dye/draw {l-r}: Gamora {Guardians of the Galaxy} Maria Hill {Agents of Shield} Black Widow {Avengers} Shuri {Black Panther} TBD {by you, who should it be? Valkyrie? The Wasp? Nebula?} and Captain Marvel {Captain Marvel}. I am torn on my 6th egg, should it be … Continue reading Happy Easter 2019!

Palm Sunday, No ‘Possum

Blessed Palm Sunday to you and yes, the ‘possum didn’t return today. At least, not during the day…   Yesterday: ‘possum. Today: Palm Sunday. A week of praise ahead as we relive the Passion of Christ. We recite weekly in our church: Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again. As we begin Holy Week this Palm Sunday, with Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, … Continue reading Palm Sunday, No ‘Possum