Transformation of our yard, 2017

This is what we started with — a monoculture of of grass. For many in this suburban community, the epitome of suburban bliss. For me? An eyesore. So, it began… Oh what changes the front yard has made! This was after the first summer when I dug up the turf grass adjacent to all the hardscape in the front yard. I used my yard transformation … Continue reading Transformation of our yard, 2017

Do your things serve you, or do you serve your things?

It’s a thought provoking thought. My husband framed this question to me when we were considering getting rid of my sons drum kit. Like many things we own, it wasn’t just the cost of the drum kit, or the love my son had had of the drum kit, but my emotion connection to the drum kit. Let me explain. We moved cross country 8 1/2 … Continue reading Do your things serve you, or do you serve your things?

Construction Phase II: Bathrooms

Ok…long overdue, but a quick post as I’m already 2 projects behind! Soooo…we had our Master Bathroom remodeled this summer. It began in June and, even though it went two weeks over, was completed in July. Bikurgurl 2016 – Instagram Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 And the toe niche…..oh yes!     Bikurgurl 2016 – Instagram Image 1, Image 2 There is so much … Continue reading Construction Phase II: Bathrooms

Wrapping up Construction…Phase II

  As we finally wrap up a little over a month of construction remodeling of our Master Bathroom {Yay! No more carpet in the bathroom! It’s the small victories that make life so much easier!}, I can breathe a sigh of relief. We picked beautiful finishes, had an amazing tile installer, and are rid of carpet. What a difference a summer makes! More changes to … Continue reading Wrapping up Construction…Phase II

And there was a toe niche…

I’ll be updating about our Master Bathroom Remodel, but in the meantime I wanted to share the excitement I have about the progress on the tile! It really is all about the tile. And the tub. Boy it’s a pretty tub – but that hasn’t gone in yet. So for now, it’s all about the tile. I’ll go into details, but for now: Toe Niche … Continue reading And there was a toe niche…

100 Word Wednesday: Under Construction

It’s been a long time coming: reworking, saving, debating, compromising. Although it’s not sexy, the long awaited remodel of our Master Bath brings me joy in the anticipation of an updated space. Our previously carpeted, rounded tiles, with very thick, sandy grout lines, was difficult to clean. The green made our faces look sallow; I had fancied painting it several times, but we couldn’t decide. … Continue reading 100 Word Wednesday: Under Construction