Homeschool Planning -Bullet Journal Style

I’ve been making my guys bullet journal style calendars which act as organizers for not only time, but also interests. I’ve taken my love of planning and am helping them create for themselves a system which not just follows their events and activities, but allows them the grace and space to dream, then make a plan to follow those dreams. Following appointments and tasks given … Continue reading Homeschool Planning -Bullet Journal Style

#InstaWrimo Day 6: What’s in Your Creative Backpack?

{Affiliate links in text – thanks for supporting my blog!} In my creative backpack: {Images taken & edited with my iPhone S in the basic Instagram Application} I rarely leave the house without a notebook. As a result, my writing spot varies greatly. I find writing at home is comfortable, but writing while I’m out is wonderful for jogging my memory or capturing those random, … Continue reading #InstaWrimo Day 6: What’s in Your Creative Backpack?