Recycled Read 2017: Lassie Come-Home

Bikurgurl 2017: Recycled Reads Affiliate Post – thank you for clicking through to help me keep my blog ad-free & Thank YOU for joining me for Recycled Reads 2017! I selected 12 books I’ve had on my shelf and not read. Reading through tomes sitting untouched on my shelf feeds directly into My year of CLean – deciding whether or not to keep the books … Continue reading Recycled Read 2017: Lassie Come-Home

Recycled Reads 2016

Thanks to Prabhat, of Dancing with Mosquitos, for introducing me to, and encouraging me, to do it – Recycled Book Reading Challenge! The gist: Read what you have on your shelf…I guess that pile of library books will need to thin? My dozen are books my children loved but I haven’t read, books given to me that I haven’t read, and {*GASP!*} books loaned to … Continue reading Recycled Reads 2016