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Grace and Space through Celebrations

As the holiday season approaches, I am filled with satisfaction of our family rituals. Set in place through years of trials and triumphs, we honor the days, the holidays, the family-togetherness which we've come to expect in the everyday as well as the extraordinary. I am reminded of our search for minimalism in a very… Continue reading Grace and Space through Celebrations

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So much to be thankful for…

Overheard from my oldest to my husband--we are indeed blessed! Wishing you and yours peace, hope, and joy this season.....and perhaps a bit of sweet silence 🌟

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White Christmas {I’m not dreaming of}

While my boys may be loving the on-and-off snow we've been having here in the Pacific Northwest, not me. I didn't move here from the Midwest (USA) to the Pacific Northwest to contend with snow, shoveling, scraping windows and the like. Oh no! I dreamed of rain shadowed terrain where you can see the snow,… Continue reading White Christmas {I’m not dreaming of}

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Duct Tape and other Tween Dreams

My tween boy didn't ask for much for Christmas {our wish lists are due by Thanksgiving} which I posted on my blog, but books and games are crowding the idea cloud for him. His grandmother is also considering getting him a Kindle {without the G3!}. At the top of his list? Duct tape. Sound weird?… Continue reading Duct Tape and other Tween Dreams

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{Ramblings On} Homeschool resolutions

Inspiration: Homeschool resolutions by Kara Anderson at Quill and Camera - Yay! I love this post and love to re-read it every. stinking. year. As I clear the clutter, abandoned books and *teaching* materials from our office, I realize that I've also built in an actual break. A break from school, teaching, worrying about schooling and teaching… Continue reading {Ramblings On} Homeschool resolutions

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{Ramblings On} 3 ways to make this Christmas easier, homeschool mama (but mostly a story)

  As I mentioned in the comments section of Kara's blog post, 3 ways to make this Christmas easier. I am a creature of habit. I had my own traditions from youth; making The Elf part of my family tradition was not something I ever thought about. I would talk to friends and see on Myspace… Continue reading {Ramblings On} 3 ways to make this Christmas easier, homeschool mama (but mostly a story)

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Give a Dog a Bone…or a Home?

  Normally, I wouldn't suggest anyone get a dog this time of year. Period. At this time of year, many of us are so busy with our lives, commitments, children, traditions -- we simply don't have the time or energy to give a new pet what he (or she!) needs to feel safe, secure, and… Continue reading Give a Dog a Bone…or a Home?