‘Oreo’ Chocolate Cake

It wasn’t supposed to be an Oreo Cake, but when we couldn’t decide between chocolate and vanilla buttercream frosting: The ‘Oreo’ Cake was born! We always use the tried and true Hershey’s Chocolate Cake recipe with vanilla buttercream frosting between the layers and chocolate buttercream frosting on the outside. It seems pretty easy, right? Well, add to this that we decided to make a layered … Continue reading ‘Oreo’ Chocolate Cake

Cake – 100 Word Wednesday

Cake Desires belie our resolve. Decadent as it is, we dive into the fray to devour our delightful desserts. It’s only the beginning of our madness. Good intentions go to the wayside. Much as our water is a mere reflection of light in the image, our decadence serves as a mirror to inner selves. Reflecting our ineptitude to focus on the still waters around us. … Continue reading Cake – 100 Word Wednesday

Three Line Tales: Corporate Athletics

This challenge is hosted by Sonya – @ Only 100 Words –  The idea? 3 lines about the picture, no matter how long or short, but only three lines!   Corporate Athletics All the colors seem to blur As the runners pass by Another day, another dollar Of course, when I saw this, I also thought of one of our favorite songs from Cake – Enjoy!   … Continue reading Three Line Tales: Corporate Athletics