Sumptuous Saturdays

Sumptuous Saturdays in bed, my lover brings me breakfast and leaves me to while away the morning hours quietly, alone, for my own sweet seduction. Focusing on the characters when reading for pleasure, or annotating and taking notes when I’m actively engaged in learning, this is the place I feel most at home and alive. Staying in the buff, eagerly drowning in my passion, I … Continue reading Sumptuous Saturdays

🍀Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2017🍀

Traditions….. At my house, it’s all about the pancakes. We started off the day with our traditional Green Pancakes. First: Yes – this is a Sesame Street cookbook which has the best scratch pancake recipe hands down! Pancakes are a staple in my house. Second: I do use artificial food dye, but stress not as it’s only once or twice a year and makes this … Continue reading 🍀Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2017🍀

Local Eats: Deru Market

I’m no food blogger, but who doesn’t eat? Enter: A favorite local eatery – local, clean, delicious! And coffee…delightful coffee ❤ ….but….that’s not how it starts, that’s how it ends… The beginning is this: My youngest son dreams in waffles …but he’s a growing boy, so more food {protein} to the table, please… Then there’s my oldest son who dreams in pizza, and meat, some … Continue reading Local Eats: Deru Market

April Breakfasts

I’ve been rather happy with my minimal breakfasts this month. I’ve been loving the sun in the Pacific Northwest! Single egg, roasted vegetables, tomatoes, slice of toast. Fresh Rosemary — delightful! Single egg, sweet potato with molasses, strawberries – yum! Single egg, rosemary, roasted potatoes and onions, tomato, bacon slice, coffee, water – Mmmmm! What are you eating for breakfast? Continue reading April Breakfasts