#InstaWrimo Day 3: What’s in Your Creative Backpack?

{Affiliate links in text – thanks for supporting my blog!} In my creative backpack: {Image taken & edited with my iPhone S in the basic Instagram Application} Day 3 inspiration comes in the form of Laptop and Notebooks stickers. Stickers are my weakness; I love the artistry of everything from graphic words to Logos. In reflecting on these particular stickers, I see my favorite color, … Continue reading #InstaWrimo Day 3: What’s in Your Creative Backpack?

Grace and Space through Celebrations

As the holiday season approaches, I am filled with satisfaction of our family rituals. Set in place through years of trials and triumphs, we honor the days, the holidays, the family-togetherness which we’ve come to expect in the everyday as well as the extraordinary. I am reminded of our search for minimalism in a very materialistic world when the fall season rolls in with the … Continue reading Grace and Space through Celebrations

iPhone Decision

So, I just switched from a Windows Phone {WinPhone} to an iPhone last month. Yes. Caving to Conformity…. Oddly, I don’t have an image of my own phone, but here’s an image of my sons’ phone {which is the similar iPhone SE in the exact same grey Otterbox} of course playing PokemonGo! at a family vacation favorite location! And I’ve been meaning to write about … Continue reading iPhone Decision

These are a few of my favorite blogs…..

There’s nothing like information gathering. A bibliophile, like myself, not only likes to read books, but I love articles and blogs! I rarely bing-watch shows, but I LOVE bing-reading blogs!!   Blogs: So many, so little time… Hopping Around the World where my IRL good friend, LMB, blogs about her fun travels in her corners of the world! Small Things where Ginny spins yarn and beautiful tales … Continue reading These are a few of my favorite blogs…..