Wind-Up Week 45: 100 Word Wednesday

Image Credit: Brooke Lark Week 45 Thanks for stopping by for Week 45 of 100 Word Wednesdays! NaNoWriMo continues! Write On, Writers! I am looking forward to catching up on reading all your wonderful stories and hope you are able to read and comment on each others as you have time as well! Thank you for being here ❤ What moved you? Please take a … Continue reading Wind-Up Week 45: 100 Word Wednesday

Dishes Don’t Matter

Image Credit:  Brooke Lark “Don’t worry, leave the dishes. I want to show you something.” “Oh, it won’t take a minute – let me just get these in the water,” “But mom, I was hoping we could look at these pictures together.” “Why don’t you guys go on ahead and go. You’ve got so many things to do! I’m going to get back in the … Continue reading Dishes Don’t Matter

100 Word Wednesday: Week 45

Image Credit  Brooke Lark Thank you for joining our awesome writing community who challenges themselves weekly as we weave together our 100 words! What 100 words would you give this image? Interested in joining us? Check out the guidelines below and ping back to be included in the Writing Wind-up! Let the writing begin! How to participate? A few guidelines as we begin…. Simply check my … Continue reading 100 Word Wednesday: Week 45