img_8038I am a writer and prolific planner by nature. I’ve used many methods through the years, but below are my stand outs!

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Bullet Journaling, or BuJo, is my current love. You can find many of my layouts on my Bikurgram {Instagram} feed.

Using any notebook, but I love my Leuchtturm1917, simply jot out the days of the month – or make a grid as pictured here – and write out your obligations. Be sure to leave lots of margin in your journal for you, your family, your relationships, your goals, your daydreams.

Taking time each month, or at least each year, to reflect on what is working and what is img_8033not — Successes and Challenges — is an important part of improving yourself for you.

Be Selfish with yourself.img_6020

I also couple my BuJo with a me & my BIG ideas BOX-112 Create 365 The Happy Planner Box Kit 12 Month Undated, Big Flower Pop Big” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Happy Planner – it’s the perfect, fun place to plan out our homeschool agenda and jot down notes throughout the day. It doesn’t have to be beautifully written in, and I love to jazz it up with a million different colored pens, stickers, and mini sticky notes.

img_9128Travelers Notebooks I love, but have found to have too many of them floating around. I wrote a series of blog posts on these.

And don’t forget about Holiday Planning!

While they are still near and dear to my heart, I find the all-in-one BuJo to be my go-to at this season in my life.

Project Me was a side project of Planner Perfect founder, Jenny Penton. Her early planning methods really got me thinking about scripting my days to include only the items that will make me the woman I want to be in my life and relationships.

My planners, my paper and journals, are my lifeblood. I find lots of inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, and through my fellow bloggers.

This is an ever-evolving field for me as I find different methods work in different seasons of my life.