Tell Me a Story

Image by Bikurgurl “Tell me a story, daddy! Please?” she softly spoke. He was in his own world, consumed with deadlines, commitments, and the need to get out of the rain. Timidly again, “Daddy? Will you tell me a story?” Her lower lip quivering, she didn’t want to startle him. Startling him in the past made him angry. She knew if he got angry, he … Continue reading Tell Me a Story

Let Her Go

Image by Bikurgurl “We’ve been here dozens of times, Harry!” exclaiming with exasperation. “I loathe the time you spend with her, returning over and over again to the same place. She’s gone, for God’s sake! Let her go!” Harry slowly turned, tears in his eyes. Her anger masked the pain they both felt, the life cut short so long ago, but never forgotten. “You know, … Continue reading Let Her Go

We are ever present

Photo by T. Chick McClure Women are threatened for speaking their minds. Some people get scared. Some people want us to stay covered and quiet. Demure and unintrusive, we are asked to be humble, be gentle, feel happiness in slavery*. These oppressors are afraid of demanded changes. Afraid of women raging against the dying of the light. Women are people. We are your mothers, sisters, … Continue reading We are ever present

City of Lights

Photo by Paul Gaudriault City of Lights I’d always thought of planning a trip to Paris. In my youth, I had grand thoughts of ‘finding myself’ as I traversed the European countryside. Those dreams, scoffed; left to die in fear and irksome day-to-day life, were never really forgotten. Merely shelved for future dreams. Adventures. Walking the streets with my camera, eating delectable pastries, sipping coffee … Continue reading City of Lights

Our Adventure

Photo by Jack Anstey Our Adventure   Seeing the world through your eyes together reclaims my joy for life I have been absent for far too long, my Three Line Tales writing friends ❤ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I linked up — why not take a whirl, it could be fun for you too! From Sonya, Week 145 Three Line Tales, Guidelines: “Check the TLT page for the full … Continue reading Our Adventure


Comfort can take many forms, be in what makes you comfortable {my gown and comfy robe} and what is comforting {nature, writing, drawing, coffee, tea, cookies, my boys, homeschooling, family, home}. Nothing helps me through my days like my faith in God. Through Him, all things are possible. Though just having faith that there’s something bigger than myself, than my life, is such a comfort. … Continue reading Comfort

The Wilderness Quest

As an eclectic-unschooly mama of tween/teens, it’s important that I also pursue my passions. It’s not like when the children were small and I guided their interests with mine, now they are old enough, mature enough, and compassionate enough to also support my interest-led learning! As a result, I’m exploring my writing and sketching with the outdoors. I stumbled across this fun-looking group and I … Continue reading The Wilderness Quest

Typical Procrastinator

Typical procrastinator I’ve been longing for some time just to write. Alone. In the house. By myself. After a thorough cleaning, walking the dogs, cleaning up the house….my desk was ready for me to write at!! Then… I had to straighten the couch, water outdoor plants, and clear off my desk before I could start. I’m so happy we changed the orientation of our office … Continue reading Typical Procrastinator