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Autumn Writing Thoughts

  Autumn Had I a had a daughter, she most certainly would have been named Autumn. By extension, embracing my writer within, whom I am embracing with loving arms - Grace and Space - deserves to be that daughter I would have lavished lovingly with support, encouragement, and praise 🙂 So here's to me as… Continue reading Autumn Writing Thoughts

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Hiking Buddy

Image Credit Brevitē Of my hiking buddies, he’s my favorite. I gather my gear meticulously – I don’t want to weigh myself down unnecessarily unless I want to be left in the dust. He’s always a few steps ahead with that happy smile, ready to tackle the next hill. He doesn’t carry a pack and… Continue reading Hiking Buddy

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Hey DJ

I hadn’t even planned to go out tonight, but the girls were tired of me making excuses. ‘We’re going out to dance and you have to go with us this time!’ Sigh. When I’d rather be home reading and relaxing, I succumbed to the call for one night out. Dinner, drinks, dancing. ‘We won’t be… Continue reading Hey DJ

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Mornings of Future

Soft grey mornings, adoration of light, bewildering sensations as we meander through the dell. Enclosing hands around the others, twining fingers bond partners as true as their path lay before them. Though pasts confided of longingness, bereft of love and desire, their path now lies united. Unfettered access to the hearts and minds of each… Continue reading Mornings of Future

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Humans Supporting Humans

  I'm an ardent advocate of supporting each other, heartily encouraging women to support women, humans supporting humans. Grace and space In this world, how do we go from being victims to being empowered? How do we make the world a better place? We become the change. We take the advice of Gandhi, who led… Continue reading Humans Supporting Humans

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Sumptuous Saturdays

Sumptuous Saturdays in bed, my lover brings me breakfast and leaves me to while away the morning hours quietly, alone, for my own sweet seduction. Focusing on the characters when reading for pleasure, or annotating and taking notes when I’m actively engaged in learning, this is the place I feel most at home and alive.… Continue reading Sumptuous Saturdays

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