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Photo by Jennifer Pallian Rosemary “Hello, Beautiful.” “Hello, my love.” He leaned in forward to gently brush his lips on my cheek. Placing his hand lightly on my shoulder, he traced the curve of my arm with his fingertips. Lightly caressing my hand, he pulls me gently onto the terrace where drinks are poured, fruit… Continue reading Rosemary

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Not Splashing at the beach, it was inconceivable it had been five years since I’d been back. Back to the place where you broke my heart, on this very beach, my heart swells. Walking on the beach, I never knew you’d swim out – further than ever before – never to return. Some girls worry… Continue reading Not

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Just a Pretty Face

Just a Pretty Face   “Do you really like it?” she shyly waned. Biting back irritation, she tired of this cat and mouse game. He hadn’t hired her for design advice as much as he’d hired her to accompany him to luncheons and dinners. These older men were all the same. Deep pockets, lonely, and… Continue reading Just a Pretty Face

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Gone Edison

A True Story of Betrayal Have you ever had an idea that was just….brilliant? An idea that you curated and honed, then used with wild success? If you’ve done this, you know what pride and success you feel in having brought an idea to fruition. You may start to use this idea, build upon this… Continue reading Gone Edison

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Nicolas Picard 720 “UH….MAZE…..ING!” she drawled, eyes glued to the man catching air as he pulled a 720. Unconventional, as he let the bike spin round him, but the air you need to make that happen on a half pipe is awe inspiring. Of course, it wasn’t her first time at the trials. She’d actually… Continue reading 720

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Sex in the Rain

This challenge: hosted by Sonya – @ Only 100 Words –  The idea? Only 3 lines on the image! image by Sam Burriss Sex in the Rain Deserted morning park We dance in the rain Our bodies are one This image is so similar to a view we have at our own neighborhood park! I believe the… Continue reading Sex in the Rain

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One More

One More “I’m not tired!” she whined, “I want a pop!” as she wriggled in his arms. They hear it every time they go out, it’s ‘one more’. Though they’d tried hard not to indulge in anything that would encourage the erratic, yet completely normal toddler behavior, it was irritating. Seemingly no end, or transition,… Continue reading One More