Closing In

Image by Bikurgurl Closing In On our regular biking route, we pass by Wilmot Gateway Park. Clean restrooms, plenty of shade, tables, water bottle filling station, and this great playground. As I rounded the corner, following screams of delight on the playground, a cold sensation cloaked me. The familiar dread found me again. Silent pinpricks eroded my resolve to stay; I could fathom only one … Continue reading Closing In

The Hard Work

Image by Bikurgurl 2019 Bikurgram 2019 Yesterday was a day of doing the hard work of growth in relationships. Of being the grown up to the ‘grown ups’, of standing up to the decades of posturing and unintentional painful words to stop the cycle from continuing. It’s the hard work of adults to protect the children in our lives from facing the same emotional suckerpunches … Continue reading The Hard Work

Evolution of Iron Man

Image by Bikurgurl Evolution of Iron Man It isn’t all about Iron Man, but he used to think he was it. He didn’t see the world around him was rich and beautiful, Just resources and to profit from and women to plunder. Now that he’s evolved, he’s really become an Iron Man, he sees himself as part of a team. It’s not about what his … Continue reading Evolution of Iron Man

Tell Me a Story

Image by Bikurgurl “Tell me a story, daddy! Please?” she softly spoke. He was in his own world, consumed with deadlines, commitments, and the need to get out of the rain. Timidly again, “Daddy? Will you tell me a story?” Her lower lip quivering, she didn’t want to startle him. Startling him in the past made him angry. She knew if he got angry, he … Continue reading Tell Me a Story

Let Her Go

Image by Bikurgurl “We’ve been here dozens of times, Harry!” exclaiming with exasperation. “I loathe the time you spend with her, returning over and over again to the same place. She’s gone, for God’s sake! Let her go!” Harry slowly turned, tears in his eyes. Her anger masked the pain they both felt, the life cut short so long ago, but never forgotten. “You know, … Continue reading Let Her Go

We are ever present

Photo by T. Chick McClure Women are threatened for speaking their minds. Some people get scared. Some people want us to stay covered and quiet. Demure and unintrusive, we are asked to be humble, be gentle, feel happiness in slavery*. These oppressors are afraid of demanded changes. Afraid of women raging against the dying of the light. Women are people. We are your mothers, sisters, … Continue reading We are ever present