Strawberry Bourbon Smash

Summer Strawberries🍓 So delicious, so many, I couldn’t resist trying my hand at a summer drink after seeing a favorite Eastside Seattle eatery, Deru Market, post their version of this luscious drink – Challenge Accepted!   I trolled recipes and, since I love basil, I opted to also add this. Mmmmmmm… 🌿     So with handfuls of strawberries and basil, some simple syrup, a … Continue reading Strawberry Bourbon Smash

‘Oreo’ Chocolate Cake

It wasn’t supposed to be an Oreo Cake, but when we couldn’t decide between chocolate and vanilla buttercream frosting: The ‘Oreo’ Cake was born! We always use the tried and true Hershey’s Chocolate Cake recipe with vanilla buttercream frosting between the layers and chocolate buttercream frosting on the outside. It seems pretty easy, right? Well, add to this that we decided to make a layered … Continue reading ‘Oreo’ Chocolate Cake

Part II: Hearth Cooking, Camlann Medieval Village

This is Part II in a two part series of our two trips to Camlann Medieval Village. {Part I is here}. This living history museum is set in a village in the South of England in the year 1376. While experiencing the village, the interpreters stay in character wearing similar garb and using Middle English to speak to the students getting a glimpse of life … Continue reading Part II: Hearth Cooking, Camlann Medieval Village

April Breakfasts

I’ve been rather happy with my minimal breakfasts this month. I’ve been loving the sun in the Pacific Northwest! Single egg, roasted vegetables, tomatoes, slice of toast. Fresh Rosemary — delightful! Single egg, sweet potato with molasses, strawberries – yum! Single egg, rosemary, roasted potatoes and onions, tomato, bacon slice, coffee, water – Mmmmm! What are you eating for breakfast? Continue reading April Breakfasts

100 Word Wednesday: Meals @ My House

We have a loose schedule of meals. Pasta Monday, Taco Tuesday, Soup-er Wednesday, Asian Thursday, Make-Your-Own-Pizza-Friday. Setting the expectation of what genre of food we will consume as a family has been predictable and made meals, even those not really enjoyed by all, at least not a fight. But then, tragedy strikes — you don’t make it home for dinner, you forget to pick up an … Continue reading 100 Word Wednesday: Meals @ My House