Part I: Village Tour, Camlann Medieval Village

This is Part I in a two part series of our two trips to Camlann Medieval Village. {Part II is here}. This living history museum is set in a village in the South of England in the year 1376. While experiencing the village, the interpreters stay in character wearing similar garb and using Middle English to speak to the students getting a glimpse of life … Continue reading Part I: Village Tour, Camlann Medieval Village

Finding the Balance

I’m at a crossroads in my blogging experience. I enjoy writing, sharing information on my blog. I enjoy creative writing, the writing challenges, and sharing portions of my life, but where does that end and my IRL (In Real Life) Life begin? So that’s where I am today. I’m finding the balance between being a homeschooling parent, a writer, a blogger, a NaNoWriMo competitor; not … Continue reading Finding the Balance

Amazon Associates Account Update!

When I restarted my blog, I thought it would be great to independently review items we currently use, and pass that information on to our friends and family. Like this Lego Set my son is hoping to get for his birthday {maybe you could all pitch in, grandparents?} 😉 Since we, like many other families, live within a budget, I thought a great way to … Continue reading Amazon Associates Account Update!

Bikurgurl Monthly Planner/Journal, A Do-It-Yourself Guide – Step 4

Missed my past planning posts? Look at Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 or if you’re looking for a way to get all of those great thoughts out — Scripting and Journaling 😉 Planning with a Kon Mari flair! Planning is great. Scripting out my days, making the most of my time, dreaming and scheduling to make it all happen. I’ve detailed some of … Continue reading Bikurgurl Monthly Planner/Journal, A Do-It-Yourself Guide – Step 4


Look at this girl: sweet, the picture of innocence. Don’t you want to protect her? Swaddle her in the innocence that can be childhood? Shut out the ugly, terrible things and allow her to be enveloped in loving embraces, sweet family, cuddly kittens. Beautiful What if this child was your child? Wouldn’t you want to protect her, shield her from the harsh realities of the … Continue reading Insulating

Quarter 6/20: Normal CA-125 Reading!

A Happy Repeat:My quarterly Cancer Antigen reading was within normal limits – Yay! As part of my Cancer monitoring, I have quarterly blood samples taken and analyzed to determine the amount of CA-125 in my blood. This protein reading can give an indication if the cancer is growing again in my body. Until I am testing within normal limits for 5 years, I will not … Continue reading Quarter 6/20: Normal CA-125 Reading!

Remembering to sign my name: Mom

When I write my children notes, send them texts, write an email, I often stop and think about who is sending this: is it ME or is it MOM? Crazy, right? When did my persona split, become two…when did this divergence happen? For many parents, this happens early on – parental and public lives are decidedly cleaved. Work at the Office. Girls Nights Out. Date … Continue reading Remembering to sign my name: Mom

Caving to Conformity

I need your help! As if there isn’t enough going on around here {did I mention, Construction Phase III began this morning?!?}, I’m throwing new technology into the mix. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, especially since Frank from Dutch Goes the Photo {who captures images of the lovely yoga tree!}, suggested it’s what he uses, to get an iPhone. I could wax … Continue reading Caving to Conformity

Unschooly {Academy} Planning 101: Part I

Hello! Welcome to a quick guide to my annual Homeschool {Academy} Planning 101! Thank you for joining me on my adventure 🙂 Every year, our homeschool planning goes through the same motions. Here’s a quick tutorial of how I prepare to plan for a new Year of Learning! First,think about how you’re #winning at life right now! Feel like a #winner? You totally should! Even … Continue reading Unschooly {Academy} Planning 101: Part I

Scripting Your Days: Family Style

How do your days flow? Do you have goals? Dreams? Where is your focus? Inspiration? How do you wrangle all the information, I call it ‘The Crazy’, and get things accomplished? Do you write things on a calendar, have to-do-lists? As a writer, I script my days. I’m in the midst of transition in my personal life – I’ve recovered physically from my surgery, but … Continue reading Scripting Your Days: Family Style