NaNoWriMo 2017

NaNoWriMo 2017 has begun! I hand write my 50,000 + words for the annual November tradition, NaNoWriMo. Writing on average 1667 words per day, I’ll reach my goal by months end. Are you interested in joining me on this writing voyage? I’m considering opening my classroom to other writers for encouragement and support if there is interest! Please let me know in the comments if … Continue reading NaNoWriMo 2017

White Christmas {I’m not dreaming of}

While my boys may be loving the on-and-off snow we’ve been having here in the Pacific Northwest, not me. I didn’t move here from the Midwest (USA) to the Pacific Northwest to contend with snow, shoveling, scraping windows and the like. Oh no! I dreamed of rain shadowed terrain where you can see the snow, you can drive to the snow, but you don’t have … Continue reading White Christmas {I’m not dreaming of}

Duct Tape and other Tween Dreams

My tween boy didn’t ask for much for Christmas {our wish lists are due by Thanksgiving} which I posted on my blog, but books and games are crowding the idea cloud for him. His grandmother is also considering getting him a Kindle {without the G3!}. At the top of his list? Duct tape. Sound weird? Well, not really. For a maker, a builder, a creative … Continue reading Duct Tape and other Tween Dreams

Do your things serve you, or do you serve your things?

It’s a thought provoking thought. My husband framed this question to me when we were considering getting rid of my sons drum kit. Like many things we own, it wasn’t just the cost of the drum kit, or the love my son had had of the drum kit, but my emotion connection to the drum kit. Let me explain. We moved cross country 8 1/2 … Continue reading Do your things serve you, or do you serve your things?

Christmas Wish Lists 2016

Affiliate Post – thank you for clicking through to help me keep my blog ad-free! Black Friday may be a traditional day for shoppers, but not for us. We enjoy getting out and enjoying the world! However, I’m nothing if not a planner. My children have an annual deadline of Thanksgiving for turning in their wish lists to me for us, their parents, as well … Continue reading Christmas Wish Lists 2016

Homeschooling, Pokemon Go, and Sunny November Mornings

So I’ve just downloaded the WordPress App from the iPhone App store. Oh my goodness, is this going to make blogging much easier! Let’s see how this goes and how steep my learning curve is! My husband left for work this morning and decided to battle a Pokémon Go! Gym, with one boy overnighting at a friends house, my son and I decided to stop our … Continue reading Homeschooling, Pokemon Go, and Sunny November Mornings

Part II: Hearth Cooking, Camlann Medieval Village

This is Part II in a two part series of our two trips to Camlann Medieval Village. {Part I is here}. This living history museum is set in a village in the South of England in the year 1376. While experiencing the village, the interpreters stay in character wearing similar garb and using Middle English to speak to the students getting a glimpse of life … Continue reading Part II: Hearth Cooking, Camlann Medieval Village