Grace and Space through Celebrations

As the holiday season approaches, I am filled with satisfaction of our family rituals. Set in place through years of trials and triumphs, we honor the days, the holidays, the family-togetherness which we’ve come to expect in the everyday as well as the extraordinary. I am reminded of our search for minimalism in a very materialistic world when the fall season rolls in with the … Continue reading Grace and Space through Celebrations


Relationships – Day 3, Inktober 2017 Being vulnerable in relationships outside my family is challenging for me. My gratitude to those who allow me the space and grace to be vulnerable – no facades, unedited, true friendship – these people are invaluable. I am so grateful to my circle of friends with whom I can share coffee, a drink, a laugh or a cry without … Continue reading Relationships

Transformation of our yard, 2017

This is what we started with — a monoculture of of grass. For many in this suburban community, the epitome of suburban bliss. For me? An eyesore. So, it began… Oh what changes the front yard has made! This was after the first summer when I dug up the turf grass adjacent to all the hardscape in the front yard. I used my yard transformation … Continue reading Transformation of our yard, 2017

“Hate cannot drive out Hate: only love can do that,” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I am reluctant to post this. We all have opinions based on morals, motivations, and our own influences. However, smugness, fear, contentment, and unrest fight to coexist in our current political environment. While I do believe the office is bigger than the man, I cannot deny my own trepidation. The highly publicized fear of my fellow countrymen mixed with others who feel vindicated and satisfied … Continue reading “Hate cannot drive out Hate: only love can do that,” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Finding the Balance

I’m at a crossroads in my blogging experience. I enjoy writing, sharing information on my blog. I enjoy creative writing, the writing challenges, and sharing portions of my life, but where does that end and my IRL (In Real Life) Life begin? So that’s where I am today. I’m finding the balance between being a homeschooling parent, a writer, a blogger, a NaNoWriMo competitor; not … Continue reading Finding the Balance

Learning Curves, Blogging, Life, and My Garden

I find that life keeps throwing me curveballs. No excuses, just sayin’… At first, I thought these changes were just me — feeling the victim, caught unawares. I don’t like feeling sorry for myself or otherwise unable to manage situations. However, in some situations we just have to take a deep breath, pray, and leave the rest to God. So, what’s been going on… Well, … Continue reading Learning Curves, Blogging, Life, and My Garden

Grace and Space: Bless Your Heart

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Bless their Heart”? I was naive enough to believe the phrase meant you really empathized with someone or, “I feel your pain.” Not so. At a minimum, when uttering the phrase, the intention is actually not usually said in sympathy, empathy, or even anguish. Imagine my surprise when I realized the actual meaning is one of resignation or condescension. … Continue reading Grace and Space: Bless Your Heart

Uncovered: Grace And Space

I’m going to post several posts today as I’ve started them over the past week, but with construction, lack of organization and planning, coupled with construction, end-of-year-homeschooling, it’s been left undone. Interestingly, my friends are always asking for advice for how to get so much accomplished – organization and planning advice. I think they are so sweet to say, but I’m not sure I’m the … Continue reading Uncovered: Grace And Space

100 Word Wednesday: Under Construction

It’s been a long time coming: reworking, saving, debating, compromising. Although it’s not sexy, the long awaited remodel of our Master Bath brings me joy in the anticipation of an updated space. Our previously carpeted, rounded tiles, with very thick, sandy grout lines, was difficult to clean. The green made our faces look sallow; I had fancied painting it several times, but we couldn’t decide. … Continue reading 100 Word Wednesday: Under Construction