#ProjectMe, Journaling, Writing, and Scripting

So I started this post…months ago. Back in the days when I still had my Windows Phone, when everything was *kind of* connected, before the interconnected-overwhelmingly-wonderful that is the Apple iPhone 6s I have now. Figuring out how to link up my iPhone to my SkyDrive, well, I think I’ve finally done that! First, I am not a sponsor of, affiliate of, or benefactor of … Continue reading #ProjectMe, Journaling, Writing, and Scripting

Wrapping up Construction…Phase II

  As we finally wrap up a little over a month of construction remodeling of our Master Bathroom {Yay! No more carpet in the bathroom! It’s the small victories that make life so much easier!}, I can breathe a sigh of relief. We picked beautiful finishes, had an amazing tile installer, and are rid of carpet. What a difference a summer makes! More changes to … Continue reading Wrapping up Construction…Phase II

An Overview: #ProjectMe, #GraceAndSpace, and #Writing

What is going on with the Writing, #GraceAndSpace, and #ProjectMe on my Instagram and blog? Well, it’s a long, sorted story, but piecing it all together for my writing community, my family and friends, and my new Project Me community, there have been questions. The best way to introduce it is from a question on the #ProjectMe page: how to write, to which I replied: … Continue reading An Overview: #ProjectMe, #GraceAndSpace, and #Writing