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Please keep your pets inside ❤️

Bikurgurl 2017, Our Rescue Dogs Winter Safety Tip: Keep your inside pets inside! This is a seemingly totally random thought, but I was reading an emailed summary of thoughts from a blogger I follow. In this summary, this homeschool blogger had a list of items she suggested if readers were having problems with illness this… Continue reading Please keep your pets inside ❤️

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Monday Morning Melts: True Love

  True Love found in you Forever We shared our love by asking one of my best friends to sing this lovely song, a capella, for our wedding song - she was magnificent 🙂 What a wonderful world..... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Interested in Joining? From our hosts Rosema MMM1 and Jade MMM1: "The first song-lyrics prompt is… Continue reading Monday Morning Melts: True Love

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Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man of Mine

I've been busy being foreman on my construction site called *home*: remodel, garden, homeschool year. Along the way, purging and re-purposing items, cooking meals, loving children, praying for my father (and father-in-law who is also facing his own health issues), writing, reading... Thank goodness I have this guy who never complains, always happy to see… Continue reading Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man of Mine

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100 Word Wednesday: Those PUPS

Those PUPS You snooze in the sun, shed through the house, forever forgetting to wipe your feet. Your happy tail wags, your cold nose investigates - bellowing barks alerting and communicating to us your thoughts. Always eager for a walk or a pet. Playing fetch with a bone, ball, or toy: you bring us so much… Continue reading 100 Word Wednesday: Those PUPS

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Give a Dog a Bone…or a Home?

  Normally, I wouldn't suggest anyone get a dog this time of year. Period. At this time of year, many of us are so busy with our lives, commitments, children, traditions -- we simply don't have the time or energy to give a new pet what he (or she!) needs to feel safe, secure, and… Continue reading Give a Dog a Bone…or a Home?