Green Elephant Autumn Bounty

  Gardening with a Green Elephant community is such a wonderful way to increase the diversity in your garden. I’ve been participating for a few years and have not only been able to add more native plants to my landscape, but build relationships with other gardeners as I build my garden.   The autumn harvest is a good time to bring excess garden vegetables, seeds, … Continue reading Green Elephant Autumn Bounty

Do your things serve you, or do you serve your things?

It’s a thought provoking thought. My husband framed this question to me when we were considering getting rid of my sons drum kit. Like many things we own, it wasn’t just the cost of the drum kit, or the love my son had had of the drum kit, but my emotion connection to the drum kit. Let me explain. We moved cross country 8 1/2 … Continue reading Do your things serve you, or do you serve your things?

April Breakfasts

I’ve been rather happy with my minimal breakfasts this month. I’ve been loving the sun in the Pacific Northwest! Single egg, roasted vegetables, tomatoes, slice of toast. Fresh Rosemary — delightful! Single egg, sweet potato with molasses, strawberries – yum! Single egg, rosemary, roasted potatoes and onions, tomato, bacon slice, coffee, water – Mmmmm! What are you eating for breakfast? Continue reading April Breakfasts

Planning for Squash…

My ever-gardening-creative-aunt sent me a link to Gardening with squash – on a trellis! This I had to see! I did do *something* like this last summer. I had some of my pumpkins planted too close to the six-foot privacy fence enclosing my backyard. I wanted to have more room for my plants to grow – to get more sun. I decided to use the … Continue reading Planning for Squash…

#EpicFailure is actually #EpicSuccess

My blog, and other computer-life activities, haven’t been working in sync with me. How I underestimated the power of hardware to ruin my computer-sanity.   You see, I am not a super-tech-savvy person. First, it’s not where my interest lies. Second, like a car, I want to just give it fuel and have it run with limited interference from me. Unfortunately, life is full of … Continue reading #EpicFailure is actually #EpicSuccess

{Ramblings On} Make Over

Originally posted on In My Tiny Kitchen:
The Tiny is getting a redo. We’re going to be a little bit bigger. Unified hardwood with the rest of the house. A little more countertop made from concrete. Undercounter fridges and a big ass sink. Right now it’s a mess and I’m exhausted so I won’t finish my post on Kamut. Instead I’ll show you pictures. Of… Continue reading {Ramblings On} Make Over

Carpe Diem: or {Ramblings On} 3 things I’m not doing in 2016

Anne Bogel has written a great post on what she won’t be replicating in 2016. I love this! In particular, I can relate to the decision paralysis. In our home, we call it Analysis Paralysis, but the result is the same — constantly putting off decision/s because we don’t want to make the wrong choice, regret our choice if something else comes along, or allow … Continue reading Carpe Diem: or {Ramblings On} 3 things I’m not doing in 2016

Living Lightly: A Primer

I’m not a purist. I’m not perfect — beware of anyone who says they are! But I like to think that I’d leave the world better than I found it, thus: Living Lightly . When we have less, harm less, we have more to give. I try only not to judge others; particularly, not myself. We’re going to make questionable choices, we’re going to do the wrong thing — which … Continue reading Living Lightly: A Primer