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Lent . . . beginning tomorrow . . . Lent begins tomorrow and is the time when Christians pray, fast, and reflect in preparation for Easter. The Christians observance of self-reflection, and oftentimes fasting, during Lent is something I'd never done. I mean, I'd heard of it, understood that Catholics ate Fish on Fridays, but… Continue reading Add something in

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Challenges What is this? How to participate? Check out the Boho Berry website for all the details.

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31 Days of Revolutionary Women, #23: Sumeya B.

I am blessed to know this amazing young woman featured in the story. This weaver of words, this loud, rambunctious, wonderful human being: She and her lovely family are our oldest friends in the Pacific Northwest ❤

It is with love and humble admiration I give you this piece written for a remarkable young woman ❤


South Seattle Emerald

In honor of Women’s History Month, we present 31 Days of Revolutionary Women; a series of daily essays by local authors documenting, honoring and celebrating powerful women who inspire us in South Seattle and beyond.

by Alouise Urness

Sumeya B. is a twelve-year old revolutionary woman. An only child of a Muslim father who was born Jewish and a mother who was raised Christian, she’s finding a unique path through her world. Sitting down to talk with her across our laptops at their Central Seattle home one rainy Saturday morning, I run a check of my new recording app, to make sure it will catch her words. “Oh, don’t worry, I have a loud voice,” Sumeya reassures me.

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Lent 2017: Day 2, You are a Treasure

You are Worthy. Photo by Tim MossholderOn this second day of Lent, I'm focusing my time with God with indulging more in activities I love. At first, I thought I'd chose one activity and make it the daily ritual during Lent. I soon realized my love for variety really lends itself to having a more… Continue reading Lent 2017: Day 2, You are a Treasure

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Giving Thanks – and love – My Parents

Thanks Mom and Dad ❤

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What Worked for me in 2015 @ Bikurgurl

{affiliate links – thank you for supporting my voracious book-reading, planner supply, travel budget — at no extra cost to you — Thank you!} I am so inspired by the wealth of strong, female writers and simply adore Modern Mrs. Darcy, who is inspirational with her pithy posts and fun lists of what she's learned.… Continue reading What Worked for me in 2015 @ Bikurgurl