Quarter 16/20: Normal CA-125 Reading!

Another Quarter Cancer Free! I cannot be considered cancer-free until I’ve received 5 years, or 20 quarters, of quarterly testing within the ‘normal’ limits of the CA-125 antigen reading. Thank you for your kind thoughts, prayers, and words of support… As I move out of fear and into the next steps of my life, I’m grateful to have your community in writing on my blog, … Continue reading Quarter 16/20: Normal CA-125 Reading!


I’ve always loved this poem; it reminds me of my grandmother. Though my grandmother passed away, though not necessarily lyrical, the sentiment is one of living in the moment. ~~~~~~~~~~ “Sometimes you get discouraged Because I am so small And always leave my fingerprints – On furniture and walls. But every day I’m growing I’ll be grown someday And all those tiny handprints Will surely … Continue reading Handprints

Grace and Space through Celebrations

As the holiday season approaches, I am filled with satisfaction of our family rituals. Set in place through years of trials and triumphs, we honor the days, the holidays, the family-togetherness which we’ve come to expect in the everyday as well as the extraordinary. I am reminded of our search for minimalism in a very materialistic world when the fall season rolls in with the … Continue reading Grace and Space through Celebrations

Humans Supporting Humans

  I’m an ardent advocate of supporting each other, heartily encouraging women to support women, humans supporting humans. Grace and space In this world, how do we go from being victims to being empowered? How do we make the world a better place? We become the change. We take the advice of Gandhi, who led nonviolent civil disobedience, and, “Be the change you wish to … Continue reading Humans Supporting Humans

Lent 2017: Day 2, You are a Treasure

You are Worthy. Photo by Tim Mossholder On this second day of Lent, I’m focusing my time with God with indulging more in activities I love. At first, I thought I’d chose one activity and make it the daily ritual during Lent. I soon realized my love for variety really lends itself to having a more general focus and less of a specialized one. For … Continue reading Lent 2017: Day 2, You are a Treasure

Homeschooling, Pokemon Go, and Sunny November Mornings

So I’ve just downloaded the WordPress App from the iPhone App store. Oh my goodness, is this going to make blogging much easier! Let’s see how this goes and how steep my learning curve is! My husband left for work this morning and decided to battle a Pokémon Go! Gym, with one boy overnighting at a friends house, my son and I decided to stop our … Continue reading Homeschooling, Pokemon Go, and Sunny November Mornings

OctPoWriMo 2016, Day 14: Shameful

Hosted by Poets on the Page, Thank You! Shameful Fatally flawed Desirous sinner I can listen to the preyers I can listen to those who want to steal my joy I can listen to the haters Saved by Grace I am unashamed in His glory Giving myself Grace and Space – Give yourself forgiveness, love, patience, kindness Image Credit: Bikurgurl 2016 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In response to OctPoWriMo … Continue reading OctPoWriMo 2016, Day 14: Shameful

Grace And Space: Generosity

When thinking of adding value to daily actions by providing Grace and Space, generosity is high on the list Our piano tuner came by this week to look at an issue we were having with the lowest key on our piano. As you may remember, we were gifted this century-old piano from a neighbor and have been thrilled to have it in our home. When … Continue reading Grace And Space: Generosity