I Can’t Resist

I Can’t Resist How can I resist the siren song of free plants? I acquiesce More green Less turf Nature wins Thanks to Frank of Dutch Goes the Photo response ‘Resistance is Futile’ to the Resist prompt on The Daily Prompt. This prompt reminds me of my insatiable urge to garner plants at Green Elephants, friends overrun gardens, and garden centers to give them homes … Continue reading I Can’t Resist

Sunflowers {FFfAW – 68th Challenge}

For complete challenge guidelines, see the link below Sunflowers While the scarecrow watches over fields, it’s the sunflowers, in their beauty, who keep a lovely, beautiful, vigil o’re the field, the farm, the family Here’s an image I Instagrammed yesterday of a sunflower…swoon! Of course those sunflowers from last summer….wooooo! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting the 71st week at Flash Fiction for Aspiring … Continue reading Sunflowers {FFfAW – 68th Challenge}

Uncovered: Grace And Space

I’m going to post several posts today as I’ve started them over the past week, but with construction, lack of organization and planning, coupled with construction, end-of-year-homeschooling, it’s been left undone. Interestingly, my friends are always asking for advice for how to get so much accomplished – organization and planning advice. I think they are so sweet to say, but I’m not sure I’m the … Continue reading Uncovered: Grace And Space

Golly! I’ve been Gardening and Living IRL!

Warning! Garden Love follows 🙂 The weather in the Pacific Northwest is uncommonly warm. No hot! I’ve been busy planting seeds, amending garden beds, staking flowers, mulching, pulling weeds… And I love it! My husband and I were surprised when we moved to the Pacific Northwest and yards are not measured in acres (or fractions of square acres) but square feet. Moving from the Midwest, … Continue reading Golly! I’ve been Gardening and Living IRL!

Volunteers in the Driveway

It’s difficult to be disappointed with Volunteer Plants in the driveway! I’d love to tell you that I’ve got a juicy, lengthy, or poignant blog post, but no. In the Pacific NW, we’ve been experiencing 80 degree temps, sunny skies, gardening and mowing to be done. And the writing…yes! Writing to be done…and “miles to go before I sleep”{partial quote, Robert Frost}. So light blog … Continue reading Volunteers in the Driveway

Planning for Squash…

My ever-gardening-creative-aunt sent me a link to Gardening with squash – on a trellis! This I had to see! I did do *something* like this last summer. I had some of my pumpkins planted too close to the six-foot privacy fence enclosing my backyard. I wanted to have more room for my plants to grow – to get more sun. I decided to use the … Continue reading Planning for Squash…