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5 Simple Steps to Guacomole

Avocados are like little pillows of heaven. Filled with good-for-you-brain-fat, these beauties are as tasty as they are healthy. Slice them, diced them, eat them whole - I love them in their pure, unadulterated state. Only 4 things can make them better and bring out their true, delicious flavor: lime, cilantro, salt, and pepper. Guacamole… Continue reading 5 Simple Steps to Guacomole

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🍀Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2017🍀

Traditions..... At my house, it's all about the pancakes. We started off the day with our traditional Green Pancakes. First: Yes - this is a Sesame Street cookbook which has the best scratch pancake recipe hands down! Pancakes are a staple in my house. Second: I do use artificial food dye, but stress not as… Continue reading 🍀Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2017🍀

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‘Oreo’ Chocolate Cake

It wasn't supposed to be an Oreo Cake, but when we couldn't decide between chocolate and vanilla buttercream frosting: The 'Oreo' Cake was born! We always use the tried and true Hershey's Chocolate Cake recipe with vanilla buttercream frosting between the layers and chocolate buttercream frosting on the outside. It seems pretty easy, right? Well,… Continue reading ‘Oreo’ Chocolate Cake

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Christmas 2016: Fun with Friends

I have taken some much needed time to reconnect with friends, family, and self. I've missed blogging sorely and have begun a dozen or more posts, but I've not found time to finish them. In the past weeks I've been able to have coffee with friends, paint ornaments with another family, had boys invade my… Continue reading Christmas 2016: Fun with Friends

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Candy Making 2016

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Planning for The Holidays

Deep into my NaNoWriMo writing, as well as garden clean-up and life, I'm also planning for 'The Holidays'. I'm not just talking about Christmas, but Thanksgiving through the first of the year and beyond. While I don't have a ton of time to delve into the details while juggling all the proverbial balls I have… Continue reading Planning for The Holidays

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Homeschooling, Pokemon Go, and Sunny November Mornings

So I've just downloaded the WordPress App from the iPhone App store. Oh my goodness, is this going to make blogging much easier! Let's see how this goes and how steep my learning curve is! My husband left for work this morning and decided to battle a Pokémon Go! Gym, with one boy overnighting at a… Continue reading Homeschooling, Pokemon Go, and Sunny November Mornings