Game Review: Catan

We love the game of Catan! As you can see, the red road of terror I created!  A simple game of strategy involving resources (wheat, logs, ore, sheep, & bricks) and demonstrating your skills at building your settlements through road building, raising an army, and adding additional settlements & cities. It’s easy enough for children as young as 8 (my youngest was 8 when we purchased the … Continue reading Game Review: Catan

New Years Eve Games We LOVE!

Affiliate Post – thank you for clicking through to help me keep my blog ad-free! We love board games. We enjoy some video games, but we truly love board games. My husband and I go on binges with them. On our honeymoon, when we got the food poisoning and torrential rain kept us in the cabin, it was Classic Upwords Board Game; on our first year … Continue reading New Years Eve Games We LOVE!