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31 Days of Revolutionary Women, #23: Sumeya B.

I am blessed to know this amazing young woman featured in the story. This weaver of words, this loud, rambunctious, wonderful human being: She and her lovely family are our oldest friends in the Pacific Northwest ❤

It is with love and humble admiration I give you this piece written for a remarkable young woman ❤


South Seattle Emerald

In honor of Women’s History Month, we present 31 Days of Revolutionary Women; a series of daily essays by local authors documenting, honoring and celebrating powerful women who inspire us in South Seattle and beyond.

by Alouise Urness

Sumeya B. is a twelve-year old revolutionary woman. An only child of a Muslim father who was born Jewish and a mother who was raised Christian, she’s finding a unique path through her world. Sitting down to talk with her across our laptops at their Central Seattle home one rainy Saturday morning, I run a check of my new recording app, to make sure it will catch her words. “Oh, don’t worry, I have a loud voice,” Sumeya reassures me.

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In response to Frank Jansen, of Dutch Goes the Photo, my thoughts on his beautiful imagery entitled 'Sense of Loss', for The Daily Post prompt: 'Someday'. I saw this as less of loss than I did of gaining freedom. The Legend of the Butterfly The life cycle of the butterfly is well documented. Butterflies begin… Continue reading Someday…Freedom

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The Oregon Grape

With planting instructions close at hand, I now just need to dream of the harvest to come!

I’m thankful for being offered the gift of plants in this autumn season. I’ve long been wanting to add grapes to my urban landscape, for not only the wildlife, but for our own enjoyment! I’m loving this little blog post on the eating (and jelly-ing!) of the Oregon Grape and am re-blogging it to remind myself of the harvest to come! Thank you for writing it, Linda!

Image Credit: Linda Ziedrich

A Gardener's Table

Wild Fruit for a Tart and Tasty Jelly

In the woods one day, my friend Jocelyn saw me eat an Oregon grape, tried one herself, and screamed. I was unfazed; just after my daughter, not yet two years old, had eaten her first Oregon grape, she had pantomimed death throes.

If you were to taste one of these little not-grapes—and I urge you to try one—you too might guess that they were poisonous, for they are very tart and a little bitter. But they are rich in pectin and make a fine jelly. Nearly black in color, the jelly has a grape-like but spicier flavor.

In either its tall or short form, Oregon grape, Mahonia, is an evergreen shrub with prickly, holly-like leaves and bright yellow blossoms. Though native only to the Pacific Northwest, from northern California to southern British Columbia, the plant is widely grown elsewhere for its…

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Book Alert! Curse Breaker: Enchanted by Melinda Kucsera

A write-up of a favorite writer by a fellow writer 🙂 Fantasy readers, this may be a new book for you!

A Reading Writer

Heads up epic fantasy fans (and even those who are not like me)! Here’s an enchanting, thrilling and exciting new book/series that will introduce you to a new world called Shayari and to mystic, gifted and complex characters from one of the best fantasy writers! Read on! 

SARN indentured himself four years ago to pay for his brother’s education. It was a desperate bid to help his brother escape the cycle of poverty. For him there was never any hope, not while his body brims with illegal magic that just so happens to fuel the perpetual glow of his green eyes.

THE BARGAIN…The terms of his indenture landed him a stint with the Rangers who patrol the enchanted forest until a party of travelers is attacked in the forest’s midst and killed. Everything changes when that first drop of blood is spilled, waking the forest’s ire.

THE MYSTERY… Sarn tries to stay…

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The Truth Hurts – We take everything for Granted — Be Like Water

via The Truth Hurts – We take everything for Granted — Be Like Water

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Learning Curves, Blogging, Life, and My Garden

I find that life keeps throwing me curveballs. No excuses, just sayin'... At first, I thought these changes were just me -- feeling the victim, caught unawares. I don't like feeling sorry for myself or otherwise unable to manage situations. However, in some situations we just have to take a deep breath, pray, and leave… Continue reading Learning Curves, Blogging, Life, and My Garden

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The Year of Nope

If you haven't tried saying no, you're missing the best *yeses*!