Grace and Space

Or Space and Grace — I molded this from the *conversation* I had with the lovely Melinda Kucsera. If you haven’t read her stuff – it’s good! Check her out at “We can be innocent enough to be vulnerable, but need to be tough enough to pick up the pieces.” {Thanks @AnnieScribes for the poem prompt! She authors What the Woman Wrote} As a … Continue reading Grace and Space

A ‘Novel’ Writing Class – A Day in the Life!

Hello! Many of you have noticed {I HOPE you’ve missed me!} that I’ve been absent in the past few weeks. I’m teaching a writing class to young adults entitled: A ‘Novel’ Writing Class In this class, we use the NaNoWriMo model of writing in a month to accomplish for ourselves the satisfaction and success Novel Writing can bring! To make the process better for the … Continue reading A ‘Novel’ Writing Class – A Day in the Life!