New Desk!

Image by Bikurgurl

New Desk!

A complete indulgence, my husband insisted on getting me an ergonomic sit/stand desk. In a word: it’s been Awesome.

I chose the same brand he has, an Uplift Desk {no affiliate status, just a fan!}, and chose a balance board {with comfort mat} as one of my free gifts with the desk. The desk . . . It’s waaaay bigger than I’d planned, but as you can see, I am finding a way to use the entire surface!

For better ergonomics, and to more easily watch Zoom meetings/classes with my teens, my husband also got my a monitor so we can easily see classes together.

It’s been a game changer!

If you’ve been following the evolution of my office space in quarantine, you’ll know I share an office with my husband. After his sledding accident in January 2020, he was off work for a few months recovering and then started working from home. Once he was cleared to return to work, the global pandemic was in full swing and his employer banned workers who could work from home from returning to the office.

Image by Bikurgurl

With the quarantines beginning in the Eastern hemisphere, I started moving around my office space. I started with creative office space set up in my bedroom. We had literally moved the storage furniture downstairs the weekend before my husbands accident. The office in the bedroom didn’t work for me for a variety of reasons, but different sleeping schedules and lack of good lighting plauged my staying in our bedroom. Plus, I just really didn’t want to have my creative mess disturbing my sleep in our sanctuary!

I then tried setting up space in our eat-in kitchen. This was supposed to be a fabulous idea! Close to the sink for painting projects, ability to menu plan from the room I was already working in . . . but the main problem is people are in and out of our kitchen all day, every day! As a homeschooling family, I should have known that unless we’re all in the kitchen, someone’s in there rummaging around for something to eat, chatting, gaming together, or other loud activity!

Our dining room has been our homeschool space in the past, but this summer my husband suggested I just take it over as an office area. It’s open to the family room in our house, which I closed off with curtains, and brought in my desk and some books. It was great – except the desk I’d purchased from IKEA wasn’t quite the right height for me to work well from my dining chair. The desk was also missing parts {a first, this has never happened before in the 12+ years we’ve been furnishing our homes with IKEA furniture}, so I decided to return it and get a proper desk chair.

This was a great start, but I couldn’t find another desk I liked. My husband had been nagging me to get an ergonomic desk like he had, but I couldn’t see spending the money – especially if this is a temporary situation! After rearranging furniture and taking yet another desk back to IKEA, my husband built me a desk on the Uplift website – I changed the color to white for flatlay photographs – and to brighten up the space for the long, dark winter ahead. The paper and book purge continues as I get rid of superfluous items from my newly reclaimed space.

I’m still rearranging and purging, but it’s exciting to start this new chapter of Covid schooling with great tools AND getting organized, streamlined, and better situated for my own learning and growth. The sit-stand desk has made it so much easier to work, photograph, and spread out all the things! I’m so glad I let my husband indulge me in this excellent working surface. Now, to get rid of more stuff and streamline the process with intention.

I can’t wait to finish the space and show you all the goodness 🖤

How is your workspace adapting in quarantine?

Image by Bikurgurl

This is an image of the desk in the standing position. Although the desk has a memory pad for 4 heights, I’m still working on what the correct heights are for me and my work. I’ve found I actually enjoy the desk sitting higher and standing on that balance board leaning against the wall behind my chair.

The cords and mess are a work in progress, but the desk is excellent: Awesome!

4 thoughts on “New Desk!

    1. Wow! Interesting how that works! I’ve been reading a lot about productivity – even the science of creativity – and it may be that the space you’re using has the elements you like better than your office. Worth consideration — unless, of course, the laptop on the lap isn’t bothering you! I used to type up on my blog on my laptop at night while sitting on the couch binge-watching trash tv 😉 I do miss that trash tv a bit, but I know my back and neck are thanking me daily for the new, ergonomic desk 🖤 Thank you for stopping by 🖤

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