Morning Pages: October 12, 2020

Morning Pages are a practice laid out by Julia Cameron in her book, The Artists Way. I write my 3 pages in the mornings in my Leuchtturm1917 dotted notebook with my favorite 0.3 Pentel Energel Pen in black ink – affiliate link to Amazon* deets below this post.

Image by Bikurgurl

October 12, 2020 – Indigenous People’s Day

My Morning Pages

Feeling a little angsty this morning. I’m sure it’s the return of the drizzle doing it, but I’m going to banish the BS to get to work. Kinda the point of the Morning Pages simplicity – get it out and move on.

What I wrote:

“Monday, October 12, 2020 – am pages

Raining. I like a good rainy day occasionally, but I am almost tired of the rain already this season. The pitter-patter on this roof, the chill in the air, the slow dripping of water off the leaves to the ground, the deck, the treehouse. It’s insidious plinking of the water on every surface, running down the walls, the trees, the furniture is maddening. I remember when I found the sound of the rain pleasant. Last week. I am already beyond it today. I wish I knew why it puts me in such a bad mood. I remember when I moved here over a dozen years ago, the rain didn’t bother me. I found it quite soothing, relaxing, calming. The boys and I would go out into the drizzle without a second thought. I didn’t even wear a winter jacket that first year; it didn’t get that cold. I do remember counting the days until we went “home” for Christmas. That first year out here was hard. The frinds I made all moved away shortly after out first year here and I was left to start again.

So here we are 12 winters later. In quarantine, global pandemic sweeping the globe, we are left with an Ignorant Commander in Chief who doesn’t understand the science of the coronavirus, let alone the implications of global warming and the effect his short-sighted money-making schemes in a white, male dominated, binary society. If coronavirus isn’t going to get him out of office, we need to vote him out of office.

I do not want an elderly white male to appoint a Supreme Court justice who will strike down Roe v. Wade, gay marriage, or enact some sort of {return to full-out} rape of the environment on our public lands. The voter suppression, his flagrant disregard for the rule of law he supposedly wants to uphold – it’s infuriating. He hasn’t drained the proverbial swamp – he is the swamp. Fat, bloated, and rotten to the core ~ he’d be Suess’ Grinch if he weren’t so fat.

And had a dog.

Maybe that’s Pence; his dog to do his bidding and dirty work. Maybe my drawing his presidency parallels to that of Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars was short sighted. Instead of creating a war to give himself, the Sith, ‘ultimate’ {unlimited} power, he’s really just a caricature of a lonely little boy who needs to have his heart grow three sizes – with empathy, compassion, and love.”

Harsh. Yes. It’s where I am this morning.

Thankfully, my boys were able to come alongside me and tell me of all the parallels between the creation of the Storm Troopers and Darth Vader to the World War II era German military. Getting me out of my head, and into the space collaborating with them on creativity, then moving into subjects we can have Big Juicy Conversations about always gets me out of my angsty-ness. It reminds me why I wanted to home educate in the first place was not only to spend time learning with these amazing human beings, but also to be the change I want to see in the world.

It starts with us to have the dialogue with the next generation to continue creating positive change and make the world a better place for everyone in it.

What are you working on, or working through, today?

Image by Bikurgurl – Quote highlighted is by Pablo Picasso, “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”


I like to use the Leuchttruum 1917 dotted medium hardcover journal with my favorite pen – the Pentel Gel Ink Pen, Retractable Gel Pen, (0.3mm) Needle Tip, in black ink. If I make mistakes, I correct with a Pentel Arts Milky Pop Pastel Gel Pen, 0.8mm Medium Line, which I purchased in a 3 pack from my local art store.

Do you write Morning Pages? Tell me below!

Happy Writing 🖤Χ🖤Χ

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