Morning Pages: September 29, 2020

Morning Pages are a practice laid out by Julia Cameron in her book, The Artists Way. I write my 3 pages in the mornings in my Leuchtturm1917 dotted notebook with my favorite 0.3 Pentel Energel Pen in black ink – affiliate link to Amazon* deets below this post.

Image by Bikurgurl

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

“Good Morning 6am! I have been “wanting” to get up early for months, really years, to do my writing in the morning. Eat my frogs first? No thank you. I want to feed my soul first. Fill my own cup before I am swept into the days of my beloved family.

I have so many things I “want” to do, but lack the focus ~ or perhaps time in the day ~ {to} accomplish all I hope to do. Perhaps I’m unrealistic, too much focus on what could be instead of what is. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of what could be ~ picking up supplies, books, information, without a real plan as to how it will be used in the future.

I’m a dabbler by nature. I like to try it all ~ there is very little that doesn’t pique my interest to learn – though there is plenty I struggle with ~ the burning desire to know more has been lit as a mother. My love of learning, education really, was squelched in high school. All the teaching to the test and lack of time to slow down the pace so I could better understand. To be honest, my lack of study skills and how to learn how to learn were huge impediments.

Of course, this was all before the internet. We didn’t have a set of encyclopedias at home, so I’d have to wait to go to school and look up information at the school library. We also had a new public library built when I was in High School. It was overwhelmingly amazing to me. So new and crisp in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s, it felt very adult and scholarly to sit in the library, look up information, spread my books and papers across a sprawling table. Meet with classmates to work on projects together.

As I’m writing this, I totally forgot I was a volunteer during one of my study halls in High School – working in the library. I thought it would be an amazing job to sit behind a desk reading, interrupted only by children needing help looking up school report information, double checking facts, or older people coming in looking for a new book recommendation – of course, I read a lot of murder mysteries and straight-up horror in High School, so I’m sure it would have been difficult to point out the Harlequin Romances, but non-fiction and medical trauma were infinitely interesting to me.

I was lucky to have come from a family who valued reading. My mother was forever reading a new novel or trying new recipes or patterns from a magazine. When I was little, my father would sit in his Laz-E-Boy recliner, a soft orange-corduroy-suede thing – and look at the newspaper for hours. When I went to school as a young girl just outside Detroit, we learned the very high percentage of adults who were illiterate and couldn’t read. We were told they could learn to read as well as we could read – it only took practice. My teacher suggested I read to my parents ~ and I remember thinking that my daddy just held a newspaper up in front of him when he got home from work, maybe he couldn’t read. Maybe I should teach him to read. So I did my best at school to learn how to read myself so I could go home and teach my father to read too.

I saw this as a very important duty, and at 6 or 7 years old, was proud to interrupt my fathers relaxing time after work – I much later learned that was what he was doing after working so many 7 days/week, 12 hour shifts – and I’d read my first little Reader to him. Pat and Mat was a gorgeous little book – with a stapled spine and 3 color cover of Mat, a black boy, and – maybe it was Nat – the little white goat. Mat would sit, pat Nat, and other three letter would {do} things. I think I still have the book , and hope I come across it again while going through the reams of paper clutter I’ve carefully curated and stored over the years.

My goal is to get it all down digitally, read and record books so I can help others to discover the love of reading I discovered at such a young age. I’m surprised I had forgotten such an early love of the written word as a young child. The wonders it opened up for me and the pleasure I had in learning – and teaching – others to read.

In the next chapter of my life I’d like to explore all these interests – and find help with the more technical aspects of the digital world – so I am able to regain some of the pleasure I’ve reaped by being such an avid reader. I know in some ways that’s why I so ardently wanted to home educate my children – I wanted to see the ‘ah-ha’ moments that discovery and education can bring to young minds – while still learning myself, all the wonders the world and other creatives and scholars have to teach.

Never stop learning.”

Image by Bikurgurl – Quote highlighted is by Pablo Picasso, “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”


I like to use the Leuchttruum 1917 dotted medium hardcover journal with my favorite pen – the Pentel Gel Ink Pen, Retractable Gel Pen, (0.3mm) Needle Tip, in black ink. If I make mistakes, I correct with a Pentel Arts Milky Pop Pastel Gel Pen, 0.8mm Medium Line, which I purchased in a 3 pack from my local art store.

Do you write Morning Pages? Tell me below!

Happy Writing 🖤Χ🖤Χ

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