Outdoor Movie Theatre

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Image by Bikurgurl

Outdoor Movie Theatre

As the global pandemic continues, so does our quarantine in Seattle, Washington, USA. We are barred from having gatherings of over 5 people even in outdoor situations. Trying to help stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus, we are doing our best to abide by the quarantine stipulations.

But we have teens. We also have our own friends we’d like to get together with!

There have been several drive-in movie events around the area, but quarantine weary Seattlites snapped up the socially distanced tickets as soon as they were available. We considered: would we even be comfortable getting out into the fray?

We’ve already had quite a 2020 and aren’t looking for anymore Coronavirus excitement, but All this social distancing has been hard for our teens . . . So what better way to socially distance with a backyard movie!

Projector and Speaker
Outdoor Projection Screen
Camp Canopies
Happy Teens ✅

Have you seen Jurassic Park? This is a classic first moment!
Image by Bikurgurl

And what better movie than Jurassic Park?!? Finally! Some semblance of normalcy – even if does look different than we thought, this at least feels normal . . . pandemic or no.

Image by Bikurgurl

How’d we do it? Easy!

We started out by setting up the screen, the projector, and running electricity {via extension cord} to our set up.

As you can see, behind the screen, we started by trying a white sheet we already had on hand. That wasn’t a great surface to watch movies from!

You can see from behind the projector, the flimsy sheet didn’t have the smooth surface that could really display a crisp image. Sure, we could have tried to tie it up tightly, but ultimately, we opted to just purchase a proper projection screen. The movie is downloaded to my husbands’ Macbookwe own this movie digitally which made it easy to move outside.

Once we got everything setup, the insects started coming out! No worries – we have a camping dining canopy {the link is to a similar one, ours is several years old}. Finally, don’t forget about adding an Outdoor Speaker so everyone can hear!

And don’t be concerned if you cannot see your movie image during daylight hours – you really do need to wait until it’s dark enough outside!

Typical teens, they decided to do a little gaming while they waited for the sun to go down. Bringing out the Nintendo Switch has been a boon for our teens and their friends! They game it up and spend some much needed time with friends – while safely socially distanced!

How are you and yours handling pandemic quarantines?


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