Joy at Work

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Joy at Work

I’m through planning our homeschool year and am ready to reorganize my office for shared learning hours. In my continuing education, I’m reading Joy at Work by Marie Kondo.

I always enjoy Marie Kondo’s joyful attitude regarding decluttering, I wrote a book review about her first book, but after reading countless other books and programs, understand better what she means by only keeping things that ‘spark joy’ – that is, only keep the things you find useful and joyful now. This doesn’t apply to memorabilia, past memories, or future goals. Live in the moment.


So my office workspace will be transformed to reflect what I need it to be now, which is a shared work table for our small study education. Since I’m essentially only home educating one child, my older son has returned to school, I’ve whittled down our books and resources – and realize I’ll be doing it again to live in the now.

It’s both frightening and freeing!

My thoughts in my Visualization:

In the past, I’ve found my productive work hours to be in the wee hours of the morning when everyone is quite and asleep. The freedom I feel, not being pulled in multiple direction is fantastic. I have always lived in that pernicious lie that a messy desk is the mark of a creative mind. Perhaps. Perhaps not.

I know I have been losing my mind with my own paper clutter. Even my beloved books are getting a second look at being part of the purge.

I can see how having a clear office space, particularly, a clear desk which is ready for work, can help with calming the chaos of my mind.

I would love to have a lovely, beautiful space with cleared surfaces on which to work and everything in its place. All containers being alike, or coordinating, with the office environment. With all like items together. I will have way too many, perhaps, to actually house together – markers, pencils, pens, stickers – but I’m reluctant to let things go knowing my boys will likely need their own sets back at some point. In fact, that is exactly why I now find myself with mountains of stationary supplies.

This school year I have decided not to purchase a load of supplies for each boy – I will be their de facto office supply store. Since I do not want to have to repurchase the same, basic, office supplies – but my boys no longer want to house extras in their converted office spaces {ie: their rooms} – these will be housed in my newly imagined office area. Whenever they need an item, they will be able to come to my neatly stored and sorted area where all ‘like’ items are contained and represented.

Ahhh! Freedom!!

While imagining this space, I would like my work area to be open, light and bright., with natural elements to augment the area. I’m considering, but still reluctant, to get rid of many of my books ~ particularly my old, weathered volumes ~ but I am beginning to think differently: how or when will I realistically read, or re-read, these tomes? If I do re-read them, do I need the vintage books? Would I prefer to listen on audiobooks? For those that are translated, would I prefer a more modern translation, perhaps, taught as a course where I would learn more deeply with others?

I have a lot to consider, but as I do, I’ll be reading, journaling, and jotting down quotes that speak to me as I continue on my journey to becoming more of myself. More of the home educator, mother, wife, and creative I want to be.

How are you preparing for your home/school this year?


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