Image by Bikurgurl


I’ve long dreamed of a pergola to hold . . .

. . . the wisteria I long to grow . . .

. . . the lines of Edison bulbs I’d like to laze under . . .

. . . the shade to cool my home.


Written 28 July 2020 for Fandango‘s One Word Challenge {FOWC}  – Join us there!


The tree…. and its removal is what created all the sun in our yard . . .

Image by Bikurgurl

I wrote about our beloved Austrian Pine on my Instagram account.

Broken branches, branches laying on the roof, and loads of dropped needles in the gutters. Ongoing maintenance on a tree too close to our house is now finished.

We’re still getting used to our beloved tree being gone; not just it’s visual absence, but increased heat from losing its shade. This does resurrect my desire for a pergola.

The garden? Oh the garden is loving all the extra sun!

– Kelly

4 thoughts on “Pergola

  1. I can relate. I don’t have a pergola but I do have a Sugar Maple in my front yard and the few times that I stood under it was cooling although it doesn’t shade my house.

    I noticed earlier this year that it appeared to be declining and found out this week that the roots are strangling it. I will need to get something smaller that won’t encroach on the power lines but I will really miss this one since I’ve enjoyed its presence over the last 17 years.

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    1. Oh! I’m sorry to hear it!

      I’ve planted a red oak in my front yard {the hardwood tree in the line of the front door} to shade our garage and room above. It’s always a dicey prospect to plant a large growing tree in the front yard of a small lot, but worth it if it provides shade 🖤


      1. I don’t think people paid much attention to how large a tree would grow back in the day. Either they figured that there would always be enough room for it in their yard or they just planted what they liked.

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      2. Nodding….totally! It’s difficult to see – even if you measure out – what the growth will be over the years because life – it keeps going 🖤


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